Bahamar’s 2023 group bookings surpass all previous years – Nassau Guardian

Bajamar’s 2023 group bookings have surpassed all previous years, but year-end group bookings will ease the decline in leisure visitors at the resort, said Graham Davis, president of Bajamar. .. Guardian business..

Davis said summer bookings continue to be strong as Baja Bay Water Park continues to enhance the resort’s family appeal.

Since the resort was reopened in the COVID-19 pandemic, important group segments of Bahamar’s business have continued to be strengthened.

“We are still in a safe zone for groups to travel here,” Davis said. The risk management department within the organization still approves the trip to the destination, so we need to continue our role in this country to curb cases of COVID-19.

“This hasn’t been resolved. We all need to stay vigilant to create a safe environment, curb incidents and keep everyone safe … our companions, our guests, And our community.

“Therefore, by keeping the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention level below 3, Group demand will continue to be very strong this year, as will next year’s 2023 demand.”

Davis said Bahamar is very optimistic about 2023, despite growing concerns about the health of the US economy.

He also added that air transportation is also a concern and an important part of the overall success of hotel and Bahamas tourism.

Davis said summer bookings “can only be improved” by removing the COVID-19 testing requirements for vaccinated individuals entering the Bahamas and abolishing the Bahamas Travel Health Visa.

These entry requirements have changed since yesterday. Bahamar’s 2023 group bookings surpass all previous years – Nassau Guardian

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