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FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMAS — Bahamas competed at the 4th Annual North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC) Athletics Championships, which ended Sunday night at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex in Freeport, Grand Bahamas. I finished 6th.

After winning four medals in the final session, Team Bahamas earned seven medals: one gold, two silver and four bronze.

The three-day regional competition was won by the United States of America (USA), who won 29 gold, 22 silver and 12 bronze medals for a total of 63 medals. Led by world champion Sherika Jackson, Jamaica came in second place by a wide margin with a total of 24 medals, six gold, nine silver and nine bronze. Canada rounded out the top three with her 14 medals, two gold, three silver and nine bronze.

Cuba and Guadeloupe also finished ahead of the Bahamas. Cuba won 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze with her 6 medals and Guadeloupe with 2 gold and 1 bronze she won 3 medals.

NACAC Championship standings are based on quality, not quantity of medals.

Drumeco Archer, managing director of the competition’s local organizing committee (LOC) and president of the Bahamas Athletic Association (BAAA), said he was very pleased with the results of the competition and the overall operation of the event. rice field.

“I think we hit our targets both on and off the track,” said Archer. “Our athletes, led by Shaunae, TyNia and Devynne, have delivered exceptional performances and we are extremely proud of them all.

Our international guests were one of joy, enthusiasm and complete satisfaction. I believe it will go down as the greatest NACAC championship ever. ”

Shonaye Miller Wibo won the gold medal in the Bahamas, setting a new championship record of 49.40 seconds. Two silver medalists in the women’s 200 meters (m) were won by TyNia Gaither, who matched her personal best time of 22.41 seconds, while the women’s 4×100 m relay team featured Printasia Johnson, Antonique Strachan and Devin Charlton. , Gazer’s order was 43.34 seconds. Charlton won bronze in the women’s 100 m hurdles in 12.71 seconds, Donald Thomas won bronze in the men’s high jump with a clearance of 2.25 m (7 minutes 4 1/2 in), and Lema Otabár won bronze in the women. Did. The men’s 4x400m relay team won bronze in 3:06.47 in the javelin toss of 57.91m (186 minutes), in the order of Kinnaird Rolle, Alonzo Russell, Shakeem Smith and Wendell Miller.

NACAC is one of six regional associations under World Athletics serving athletes in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. It is a regional governing body for athletics.

Some of the world’s greatest athletes hail from the NACAC region, and the region typically produces the most medals and world champions at World Championships and Olympics.

The Bahamas have won seven medals, the most by any national team in the NACAC Championship. In 2007, in San Salvador, El Salvador, the Bahamas did not participate. In 2015 in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Bahamas won his five medals with two silvers and three bronzes. Bahamas won his two bronze medals at the 2018 NACAC Championships in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As the host country, the Bahamas won seven medals at Freeport this year, including gold, two silver and four bronze medals. It is the Bahamas’ best-ever finish in medal standings at the NACAC Championship.

With over 420 athletes participating, it was the largest attendance record for a NACAC Championship.

A total of 23 championship records were set over the three days of competition.

Ronald Cartwright served as the team’s head coach, assisted by Tito Moss, Robert Ayton, Jason Larimor and Corinton Macock. team his manager was Renee “Sunshine” Davis. Bahamas finish sixth – The Nassau Guardian

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