Bahamian authorities wary of Haiti’s anxiety

Immigration Minister Keith Bell said yesterday that he was wary of a surge in Haiti immigrants to the Bahamas as gang violence escalated in Haiti.

“… October was the biggest surge we’ve ever experienced,” Bell said.

“It’s calmed down to some extent, but it’s still booming. This information suggests that whenever we see a boat, we’re one or two behind.

“So, along with the Turks and Caicos Islands, the United States Coast Guard, and certainly the police, the Defense Forces are vigilant. [which] There are few patrols at sea. “

Bell urged the general public to be vigilant against migrants trying to enter the Bahamas illegally by boat.

He said public involvement would help protect the Bahamas and ensure that “we do not cause tragedy at sea.”

“From the last boat, we found that there were more than 70 people on the boat,” Bell said.

“So we … know that there was a tragedy before, and we hope and hope that the tragedy will never happen again.”

Bell pointed out the crisis in Haiti, including the assassination of President Haiti and the earthquake last year.

He said these issues, combined with Haiti’s existing problems, have forced some Haitians to flee the country, including poor economic conditions and corruption of law enforcement agencies and the entire government.

“People who haven’t come to the Bahamas want to go to the United States. So you have this big influx. We keep looking at it until we fix some of Haiti’s problems and challenges. I expect it.

“Haiti alone cannot deal with it. It certainly cannot be dealt with by the Bahamas. But again, we want to help the Bahamas and the government, but in the interests of the Bahamas and the Bahamas. Must be reliably protected. “

The United States Coast Guard has revealed that in the last six months it has captured more than twice as many Haitian immigrants at sea as previously reported.

The U.S. Coast Guard, which aggregated the number of migrants arrested during the fiscal year (October to September), arrested 3,519 Haitian migrants between October 1, 2021 and April 21, 2022. Said it was done. And September 2021).

Many of these concerns were in the Bahamas.

The Miami Herald reported last week that a UN helicopter was hit by a bullet while parked on the Port-au-Prince runway in a violent gang clash.

Haiti’s disarmament commission leader reportedly barely escaped with his driver after their car was shot.

The horrifying videos and images of the victims of violence are widely shared on social media. Bahamian authorities wary of Haiti’s anxiety

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