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The Bahamas, Nassau—According to the Bahamas Contractors Association (BCA), the Bahamas needs to coordinate building practices to strengthen its efforts to combat climate change.

The BCA has established its own Climate and Environment Commission to participate in the fight for climate change.

Deborah Deal, BCA Trustee A recent statement said: Global statistics on greenhouse gas emissions show that the construction industry accounts for 38 percent of such emissions.

“Here in the Bahamas, due to the fact that we have to manufacture nothing and ship all our commodities, these GHGs produce 70% of land use, land use changes, and forests, not to mention LULUCF. We may increase our proportion. Our overall GHG. You would think that our main contribution is due to our energy production and our cars, but this is not true. “

Deal further states, “We have enacted laws to protect the environment, land, forests, etc., but they are not complied with. The Forestry Law of 2010, the revision of Forestry Regulations of 2014, and All 2010 subdivision laws show how we clean up property, excavate land, cut down hills, and deforest land. “

Deal said Prime Minister Philip Davis recently announced that the Bahamas would sell blue carbon credits as a new form of income, but the country should not destroy areas without our “carbon sinks.” ..

“The construction industry needs to be part of this change, and we must adjust our building practices to strengthen the work the country is doing in the fight against climate change and the efforts of this administration. Hmm. As a country, as a country, we have international funding to help us with the most necessary infrastructure changes needed to save us and continue in the same way we have always done. You can’t look for it, “said Deal.

She added: “The Bahamas Contractors Association engages with architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers of building materials, as well as our own community, to adapt our trade to support the Prime Minister’s mission. I promise to work. The construction industry has supported many people in this country for many years and has given us a great opportunity if we choose to accept them. It’s time for us to give back. “

According to Deal, the BCA has set up a Climate and Environment Commission to educate, train, build relationships and improve trade so that industry stakeholders can participate in change.

“We are stakeholders and need to sit at a table to provide suggestions and receive guidance on how the statistics should not be displayed. Our mission is for everyone in the industry. Is to be able to recognize our whereabouts and circumstances. Our goal is how to make the differences we need for the people of the country, the Prime Minister and the Bahamas. By finishing the last part of the 2016 Contractor Act and establishing a board of directors, we are empowering the entire Bahamas construction industry and making everyone better! “ Bahamian Contractors Association Trying to Participate in the Battle of Climate Change – Witness News

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