Bahamian government advances transition to cleaner energy with BPL commissioning Ragged Island solar microgrid

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis and Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

RAGGED ISLAND, Bahamas – Battery Energy Storage Systems and Solar Rooftop Programs are among the Bahamas government’s initiatives for clean energy nationwide.

“We are investing $14.2 million to install a 25 MW battery energy storage system at the Vairoo Hill power station. This will allow clinics, public libraries and schools to become part of our country’s renewable energy progress.The Department of Public Works has evaluated eight government buildings for this program. We are pleased to announce that we are

$35 million has been allocated to install solar systems on the Family Islands, and feasibility studies have also been completed for Inagua, Mayaguana, Acrins, Crooked Island, Long Cay and North Andros.

The Prime Minister made the announcement at the commissioning of the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Ragged Island Solar Microgrid on Friday, August 12, 2022.

After an hour-long ceremony, he cut the ribbon that signaled the formal commissioning of the Southern Island’s solar microgrid and won the Best Resilience Project award at the 2022 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) Industry Awards. The award honors the projects, programs, and people who facilitate the transition to clean energy in the Caribbean.

Prime Minister Davis said the event was first and foremost about the people of Ragged Island.

“The people – the many people who worked to make it possible today, local residents, non-profit organizations, the private sector, government policy makers and workers too. It is about all the people of the Bahamas who are an integral thread of our national fabric and who recognize that they deserve our unwavering commitment and support.

“Every Bahamian family and every business knows that energy costs are too high, services are too unreliable, and the promises of past progress have not materialized. , we know that climate change is a real threat – right now, not in the distant future.If there was any doubt, Irma and Dorian have swept it away with vengeance.

“And as we continue to advocate for change on the global stage, including the important conference for local governments we will be holding here in our country next week, we must also step up. While contributing only a small percentage, in the coming years we will contribute to solving the climate problem in many ways, including maintaining our own commitment to generate at least 30% of our energy from renewable sources. 2030. This investment in Ragged Island means less reliance on greener energy and subsidies and, crucially, greater resilience in the face of future hurricanes. means.”

The prime minister said the finance ministry and prime minister’s delivery unit are working hard to expand renewable energy. This expansion was made possible in part by his $80 million IDB-funded loan and his $9 million EU-CIF grant.

“We will invest more than $36 million in renewable infrastructure in Abaco and East Grand Bahamas. It includes $18 million for infrastructure restoration, and we will invest $4.5 million to install five microgrids in the East End Grand Bahamas.”

BPL Chairman Pedro Rolle called the occasion “grave” and worthy of celebration. He also said it was “possible” for BPL to partially or fully solarize its energy supply in any of its territories, in line with the national energy policy and the Bahamas’ goal of renewable energy by 2030. , indicating that it is ready.

He welcomed special guests, including Honke, a resident of the island. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism. Permanent secretary to Luther Smith and David Davis. Bachus Rolle and Leon Lundy, Parliamentary Secretary. Ambassador to the Vatican, Joseph Curry, government official, Treasury representative. Executives, staff and representatives of BPL’s Board of Directors, Department of Public Works employees, Salt Energy and other subcontractor representatives.

Burlington Strachan, Chief Operating Officer, Engineer and Project Manager, said: system. We have learned that as a company we can successfully implement these solutions. We need critical resources: land, money and a commitment to get the project done. ”

Hong. Alfred Sears, Minister of Business and Utilities, expressed pride in the residents of Ragged Island, patriotic citizens, many of whom have become climate change refugees.

“I am proud that you taught us how to build a nation. Today, we are committed to the sustainability, resilience and and celebrate the first step in a journey to reduce the carbon footprint of the Bahamas, a holistic and integrated approach to integrating renewable energy into power generation.”

He thanked the “incredible” scientists, surveyors and engineers who worked on the project. “These extraordinary Bahamian scientists and engineers have done an extraordinary job building this utility-scale solar power facility. will achieve at least 30% in electricity generation from renewable energies.”

DPM Cooper said the project “shows that we on Ragged Island are not only resilient, but pioneers. But today, Ragged Island declares itself the first major island in the Bahamas to be 100% solar.” He thanked the residents for their resilience, energy and dedication.

The project requires a 401KW solar field consisting of 924 individual solar panels. A 1200 kWh storage battery unit and a diesel generator automation system are integrated. A field tour followed the ceremony. Bahamian government advances transition to cleaner energy with BPL commissioning Ragged Island solar microgrid

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