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Bahrain Bans Latest Blockbuster Thor

Gulf state Bahrain has joined other Middle Eastern nations by imposing a film ban on the fourth installment of the Hollywood blockbuster superhero saga Thor, which features gay characters.

“The Ministry of Information has decided to suspend the screening of one of the films shown in cinemas in order to preserve and protect the moral values ​​of society,” the ministry said in a brief statement late Thursday.

The ministry did not specify the name of the banned film, but screenings of “Thor: Love and Thunder” have been stopped.

In this film, “Valkyrie” played by Tessa Thompson expresses distinct romantic feelings towards another female character.

Kuwait has also banned the film, according to local media. The information ministry said the decision was based on “scenes featuring gay characters”.

In recent months, major film production companies have experienced similar restrictions in the oil-rich but conservative Gulf region.

The United Arab Emirates banned Disney Pixar’s animated film Lightyear, in which two women kiss, in June, but is still the only Gulf country showing Thor.

In April, Saudi Arabia requested a cut of “LGBTQ references” from Disney’s “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” but it ultimately did not screen in the country.

In the Gulf, the topic of sexual freedom remains taboo despite attempts to modernize its image through massive communication campaigns.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/bahrain-latest-to-ban-block-buster-thor/ Bahrain Bans Latest Blockbuster Thor

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