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Bahrain dismisses minister for refusing to wave Israeli envoy

Manama: King Hamad bin Isa Al Harifa of Bahrain refused to shake hands with Israeli Manama Ambassador Eitan Ne, Bahrain’s Ancient Director of Culture Sheikh My Binto Mohammed Al・ Harifa was dismissed.

upon On June 16, US Ambassador to Bahrain, Stephen Bandy, held a special funeral to commemorate his father’s death, with some ambassadors and officials, including Sheikh My Binto Mohammed, and the Israeli Ambassador. I called him.

According to media reports, when one of the attendees introduced a handshake, Sheikh refused to shake hands with the Israeli ambassador, let go, leave the US ambassador’s house and not publish her photo. I asked for it. Funeral.

A few days later, King Hamad bin Isa announced that Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al Khalifa was appointed as the new president of the Burj Khalifa Ancient Bureau of Culture.

On Friday; July 22, Sheikh My Binto Mohammed Al Khalifa went to Twitter and said, “Thank you very much for all the messages I received. Only love protects and strengthens us. . “Is written.

The The issue crossed the Bahraini border as Palestinian factions welcomed the position of Bahraini minister. Hamas praised this position and emphasized that “this is a true expression of the real Bahraini people’s position in favor of Palestinian rights and refusal to consolidate occupations in the region.”

Tariq Salmi, a media spokesman for the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, praised Bahrain’s position and added: As a result, it thus embodies the true will of free men and women in our country. “

A pioneer of social media platforms has expressed solidarity with Bahraini officials, and activists have launched the hashtag “# مي_آل_خليفة” to thank and thank her for refusing to normalize.

Sheikhmai has been in public service for over 20 years. She previously held the post of Minister of Information in Bahrain. She is this the first woman to take up that position. She also holds the position of Minister of Culture in Bahrain, and she was named the sixth strongest Arab woman on the list edited by Forbes Middle East magazine in 2014.

Diplomatic relations between Bahrain and Israel

Bahrain and Israel formally normalized their relations in 2020 as part of the Ibrahim Agreement, which also saw the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister also participated in the Negev Summit hosted by Rapid earlier this year. The Gulf states are also considered part of a potential regional security alliance, and US President Joe Biden is putting pressure on his recent trip to the Middle East, including visits to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

https://www.siasat.com/bahrain-dismisses-minister-for-refusing-to-shake-israeli-envoys-hand-2377247/ Bahrain dismisses minister for refusing to wave Israeli envoy

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