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Bail of Imran Khan in terror attack extended to September 12 | Imran Khan news

Mr Khan was indicted under the country’s anti-terrorism law for remarks to police officers and judges.

Islamabad, Pakistan – Imran Khan’s bail in terrorism case extended to 12th September.

The leader of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party has been indicted under the country’s anti-terrorism law for making remarks against senior police and judicial officials during an August 20 speech.

At the first hearing on August 25, Khan was admitted. Deposit Until 1 September by Judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan. The judge ordered Khan to appear on Thursday.

Court proceedings will resume on September 12, with arguments from both sides.

A senior PTI official, Asad Umar, on Thursday criticized the government for filing criminal charges against the former prime minister.

“They realized it was impossible to face him politically. So now they are trying to make false accusations against him,” Umar said.

The cricket star-turned-politician is facing legal troubles after his August 20 speech. [Aamir Qureshi/AFP]

legal issues

Continue overthrow of his government In April, Khan held several large rallies during which he criticized his political opponents, state institutions, security forces and so-called “neutrals.”

But the cricket star-turned-politician found himself in legal trouble after criticizing police and judges after his speech on 20 August.

The same speech also prosecuted Khan contempt of court and illegal gatherings. Khan denies he threatened officials, saying his words were out of context.

on wednesday he given another chance The Islamabad High Court requested a “complementary” answer regarding contempt of court.

A ban on live television coverage of Khan’s speech was also suspended Monday, after a court ruled that state media regulators had “exceeded their authority.”

The charges against Khan came after he spoke of police “torture” of an aide who was charged with sedition for inciting a mutiny in the army. Police have denied the charges.

Political tensions in Pakistan remain high as Khan garners support for elections not scheduled for next October.

https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/9/1/imran-khan-bail-in-terrorism-case-extended-till-september-12 Bail of Imran Khan in terror attack extended to September 12 | Imran Khan news

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