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Nassau, Bahamas — Independent leader and founder of the Bahamian evolution, keeping in mind that the Bahamans occupying the royal territory for agriculture are “starting a countdown” before they are “arrested by their government”. Lincoln Bain called on the Bahamian people to stand with him yesterday.

His message to the government was clear. “This is a battle as important as Martin Luther King. [Jr] Had for the equal rights of blacks.

“We are fighting for equal access to our land in this country.

Lincoln Bain calls on the Bahamans to be present during the two-hour or longer live broadcast on Facebook.

“Everyone has access to our land. As the actions of governments and government officials show, they are trying to make excuses and attack everyone else doing anything but the Bahamans. increase.

“We are asking you to stand with us. We will not go anywhere. We will stand up and fight this.

“Remember that only one person can make a decision related to Crown Land, and that is Philip Brave Davis. [Minister of National Security] Wayne Munro is doing, he was sent to do so, probably not to do so, but it’s wrong because the Prime Minister knows what Wayne Munro is doing So you should rule him.

Munro said last Friday that the Bahamans, not Haitians, were responsible for illegal deforestation, which had cleared more than 500 acres of protected trees in western New Providence.

He said There are 14 days of violators Authorities are preparing to launch offensive operations in the area, so their activities will be suspended.

The minister and numerous government and law enforcement agencies and officials visited a protected area in southern New Providence on Friday — this is what Bain described as military intimacy.

Yesterday, Bain said the Bahamans were “attacked” for owning land to “feed themselves during a pandemic and food shortage.”

“This country is invaded, and while we are invaded, we have a small minister of national security who has personal beef, and the army, the army is a normal unarmed private citizen. We are sending it to the bushes of people, “he said.

“This is unheard of in the history of this country.

“This is the first time in the history of the Bahamas that the prime minister of the country has released an army to his people.

He continued. “There are 12 days left before the Bahamans are attacked by their army for farming in the royal territory.

According to Wayne Munro, “there are another 12 good days before the Bahamans are attacked by their own army, arrested by their own government, and dragged into court for farming in the royal territory. ..

“When has never happened before?

Wayne Munro, Minister of National Security

“It didn’t happen in Foxhill. They are now talking about giving them the title of land.

“It didn’t happen in the Fire Trail Road area. They said they didn’t arrest people and were occupying them illegally.

“It didn’t happen in Marsh, Abaco. It didn’t happen anywhere else in this country.

“But suddenly, these teachers, lawyers, police officers, civil servants, and experts in all fields (nurses, medical technicians, etc.) became criminals because they owned the land. Feed themselves during food shortages.

“Suddenly, it’s so wrong that the shantytown doesn’t need anything, but it needs the immediate attention of the government.” Bain calls on the Bahamans to stand with him in a royal territorial dispute – Witness News

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