Bali students welcome Independence Day with bike parade

It is very important for these children to interpret independence. Then you can really understand that gaining independence is not easy.

DENPASAR, BALI (ANTARA) – Several students from primary and secondary schools in the city of Denpasar, Bali take part in a parade of decorated bicycles to celebrate the 77th anniversary of Independence Day held at Puputan Badung stadium in Denpasar on Saturday. I participated in.

“There were 77 participants, and this was to celebrate the Independence Day of Indonesia and Bali. The route goes around Denpasar, which is not far away. said Nandradatta of .

Mr Endradatta said the decorated bicycle parade and the competition to decorate the bicycles were held to instill a spirit of nationalism in elementary and middle school students as members of the younger generation, considered the roots of the country’s strength. was held on

On Sunday 14th August, the cycling community Endradatta will host a night ride with old bikes.

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This cycling community, especially for students, holds a parade in the form of interpreting independence, and plans for the future are once again put into action through the momentum provided through the Independence Day celebration.

“It is very important for these children to interpret independence so that they can really understand that it is not easy to achieve independence. You get polished, you get used to cycling and you love your environment,” he affirmed. .

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We participated in the morning parade that circles the city of Denpasar from Puputan Badung Field to Hasanuddin Road, Thamrin Road, Gajah Mada Road and in front of the Bali Museum.

10-year-old Bayu Sanjaya, a fifth grader at SDN 28 Dangin Puri, who participated in the parade, said he was happy.

“Yesterday, we decorated (the bike) with flags, paper cones, ribbons and Bali.

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