Baltic leader meets Biden in Brussels / article

On June 14, Latvian President Egilslevitz, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausheda, and Estonian Prime Minister Kayakaras attended the NATO Brussels Summit and met with US President Joe Biden...

“The presidents of all four countries shared similar views on NATO’s development and major threats, emphasizing the importance of a closely coordinated Member State response,” said a statement by the President of Latvia.

“President Lewitz thanked President Biden for his input to solidify US leadership and transatlantic ties in NATO. He thanked the United States for his contributions to the Baltic Sea’s regional security, and the United States trusted the Baltic Sea. Repeatedly to remain a capable partner of the goals set out in the North Atlantic Treaty.

“”[The] The President of the United States told Baltic responders that the value of democracy needs to be better protected in a way that responds to the ever-changing needs of the world and society. To strengthen this response, the United States plans to invest heavily in supporting innovation and addressing environmental issues. “

According to the White House read out Meeting content: “The President emphasized US strong support for security throughout Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Baltic region. The four leaders are NATOs addressing the challenges posed by Russia and China.”

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