Ban on Russian citizens with Schengen visas from crossing Baltic states coming into effect soon – Baltic News Network

Foreign Minister Edgars Linkewicz reports that a ban on Russian citizens with Schengen visas from crossing some of the European Union’s external borders will come into force within the next 10 days.

As previously reported, the Baltic states have agreed to severely restrict the entry of Russian citizens with Schengen visas.

The ban applies to the borders the Baltics share with Russia and Belarus.

Russian citizens with a Schengen visa cannot cross the EU’s external borders (airports, land and sea borders) in the Baltics.

This decision was coordinated at the Baltic level. National governments make individual decisions on this topic.

«I have an order from the Cabinet. It also includes agreed exceptions,” the minister said.

The minister declined to discuss details, considering that the details will be reported later.

«This time it is very important to have clear guidelines. There are exceptions, but they are for humanitarian reasons. Exceptions also apply to diplomats,” he said Rinkēvičs.

When asked how effective these restrictions were, considering that other countries in the Schengen area have not adopted similar restrictions, the minister said most Russian citizens had to travel to the Baltic states to cross the border. , Finland and Poland emphasized that they are using. There are security and moral political aspects to this decision.

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Rinkēvičs said last week that the EU had decided to suspend expedited visa issuance for Russian citizens. An agreement has been reached allowing countries on the EU’s external borders to act in accordance with security considerations.

«This is an important and very effective step.»

«Yes, restrictions can be fully effective if everyone behaves in the same way. This is an effective step from a political and security point of view,” said Rinkēvičs.

The Lithuanian government’s decision provides for “limiting the movement of Russian citizens across the EU’s external borders”.

A legislative project states that only Russian citizens who meet the criteria set by the Lithuanian government will be allowed to cross the border. However, these criteria must be drawn up by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after coordinating with other countries in the region. Ban on Russian citizens with Schengen visas from crossing Baltic states coming into effect soon – Baltic News Network

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