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Bangarraju X Kalyan Jewelers Limited Edition Harams Released

Karyan Jewelers, one of India’s leading jewelery brands, has partnered with Annapurna Studios to create a “Bangaraju” men’s jewelery collection in connection with the Sankrati release of the Ackinenina Garjuna and Nagachaitanya films. I launched it.
The long Navara Tonaharam and the iconic Prigorharam worn by the father and son duo in “Bangaraju” are the individuals of the legendary Akinenini Nageswararao (ANR), who are lovingly known in his area. From a traditional collection.
According to a statement by Kalyan Jewelers, Nagarjuna in the Bangaraju movie The King of Style is Panche Kathu (Dhoti Drape), Prigor, a style that once defined the look of a timeless ANR. , Made Navarathona Haram popular.
Prigor, meaning tiger claw, is a traditional masculine design that represents courage and is part of the cultural spirit and heritage of the region. Meanwhile, the nine precious gems in Navarat Naharam symbolize purity, humility, awakening, satisfaction, courage, love, wisdom, compassion, and health. Kalyan Jewelers recreates these two iconic pieces from the Akineni family’s collection, giving fans the opportunity to recreate and embrace the iconic look.
Akineni Nagarjuna said in a video message about the association, the brand ambassador of Kalyan Jewelers and the leader of “Bangaraju”. Even the jewelery I wear in the movies is originally his. Prior to the release of the movie, this traditional look seems to have appealed to the audience. That’s why Karyan Jewelers joined in to recreate Nanagar’s Haram design. “
Regarding this announcement, Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director of Kalyan Jewelers, said: As a brand, we have always followed our hyperlocal products and outreach strategies. We encouraged our patrons not only to take pride in their traditional designs, but also to embrace them in style – and when it comes to style, they do as great as the King (Achineni Nagarjuna) himself. There is no one. This is a special Sankranthi that we offer our customers. “
Makar Sankranti Bangaraju jewelery can be pre-ordered at the Karyan Jewelers outlets in India and the Middle East, including Qatar.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707995/Bangarraju-X-Kalyan-Jewellers-limited-edition-Hara Bangarraju X Kalyan Jewelers Limited Edition Harams Released

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