Barbie Kardashian on trial in Limerick accused of threatening to kill her mother

A young woman detained in one of the country’s safest troops for a young man with serious problems was tried on Wednesday, killing or seriously harming her mother and a man involved in her care. Was accused of threatening to add.

Barbie Kardashian (20 years old, no settlement) told Limerick’s Coovagh House staff to “rape” and “kill” her caring mother where she lived from 2018 to 2020. I wanted to. The team told Limerick Circuit Court.

Thomas Morgan, then the case manager of Ms. Kardashian and the deputy social welfare manager of Cuba House, said in a conversation with him on March 12, 2020 that Ms. Kardashian “want to chase her mother.” I showed the proof. She killed, killed, and raped her where she lived. “

She became “frustrated” when she didn’t know where her mother lived.

In another conversation with Kardashian, Morgan said in April 2020 she “expressed a clear desire to rape and amputate her mother.”

Courts have heard that Kardashian has been diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, and she has been a foster parent since the age of 10 after her parents separated.

Coovagh House accepts residents aged 11-17. However, due to the lack of care capacity of young professionals in the state, Kardashian’s residence in the Limerick unit has been extended.

Morgan said Ms. Kardashian “planned” to find and kill her mother after she was discharged from a specialized Limerick unit.

The court is a Coovagh house that can accommodate four residents, young people who have experienced childhood trauma and are at risk to themselves and others, and there are only four such houses in the state. One of the units, residents were assigned to the unit, especially under the orders of the High Court.

Under the cross-examination, Morgan agreed with defense counsel Marc Nicolas SC, and Kardashian agreed to “say things and take shocking actions to get a reaction.”

“Rude and unpleasant”

Certified care worker Michael Manix showed evidence that Ms. Kardashian immediately hated him and threatened to kill him “many times” during work.

“She said she wanted to stab my neck with a knife and see me bleed,” Manix said while taking a walk on the grounds of Kuva with Ms. Kardashian in July 2020. Insisted.

Under cross-examination, Manix agreed with Nicholas, saying he “did not be afraid or afraid” of Kardashian, who said he was “rude and uncomfortable” despite allegations of these threats. rice field.

Manix continued, “I worked in a worse situation,” and agreed that despite threats to him, he never demanded that he not work with Kardashian at any stage.

Manix said he eventually made a statement to Gardai after claiming that Ms. Kardashian had threatened to “rape my wife and children and dismantle them.”

“When she brought my wife and children to it, it’s another ball game,” he said.

Brent Dougdale, another former certified care worker for Kardashian, also showed evidence of intimidation against the allegedly injured party.

“She was very cool, calm and gathered. In my opinion, it was very real. I thought she would have dealt with her threat if she had the opportunity,” Dougdale said. Stated.

Under cross-examination by Nicholas, he said he knew that Kardashian claimed to have been sexually assaulted as a child.

Enda Long, who worked as a care team leader at Coovagh from 2015 to 2021, showed evidence of witnessing Kardashian threatening Mannix to “leave a child without a father.”

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He also said he knew that Ms. Kardashian had threatened to “cut off her mother after leaving Kuva House.”

The trial continues on Thursday.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, you can call the 24-hour Rape Crisis Helpline nationwide (1800 77 8888) to access text services and web chat options. visit Rape crisis help..

In case of emergency, be sure to dial 999/112. Barbie Kardashian on trial in Limerick accused of threatening to kill her mother

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