Barclays avoids taxes as money via Luxembourg

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Barclays Bank Office in Canary Wharf London

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According to a study in a British newspaper, the British bank Barclays was able to avoid a tax of around € 2.1 billion and pay less than 1% by routing the profits from the transaction to Luxemburg.

The Barclays tax bill has shown that it has used the 2009 decision to sell its cash management business to US financial group Blackrock Inc. for more than a decade, the Guardian reported Monday.

According to the newspaper, Barclays’ profits from the $ 15.2 billion sale were reported in the Grand Duchy, not in the United Kingdom. This allowed Barclays to offset future profits against the decline in the value of the company’s shares acquired as part of the transaction, the Guardian reported.

Barclays employs only 54 people in Luxembourg, but last year’s revenue was £ 1.1 billion (€ 1.28 billion), and the bank’s Grand Duchy business is the second largest after the UK and the United States, which employ thousands. The Guardian writes that it is profitable.Barclays did not respond on Tuesday Luxembourg Times I asked about the current staffing.

Barclays’ Luxembourg business has made a profit of £ 6.6 billion (€ 7.7 billion) since 2013, but has paid only £ 46 million (€ 54 million) in taxes, according to annual tax documents released by banks. .. ..

According to the Guardian, Barclays could have been taxed by nearly 25% to 30% if it hadn’t taken advantage of loss offsets in Luxembourg.

The Grand Duchy’s reputation as a tax haven for multinational corporations such as Barclays has been unwavering since 2014. LuxLeaks scandal.. The exposure showed a major multinational company in which Luxembourg offered special tax transactions in favor of its presence in the Grand Duchy.

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