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Barricade Street in Sudan after seven people died in a coup opposition movement

Sudanese yesterday closed an angry rally to protest one of the bloodiest days since the tire and rock burning shops and barricade streets were closed and the coup upset the country’s transition to democratization. It was held.
According to medics, security forces fired on Monday, marching in opposition to the military takeover on October 25, and killing 71 people in crackdowns since the coup.
Witness Omar Eisa said, “No, I oppose the junta,” protesters said yesterday in southern Blue Nile.
Protests occur when Washington is increasing pressure to mediate the end of months of crisis in Northeast African countries and top U.S. diplomats are expected to arrive in the capital Khartoum for negotiations. .. The Army for Freedom and Change, Sudan’s main civilian block, yesterday called for the start of two days of civil disobedience. In Khartoum’s vast Sajane construction materials market, it says, “I closed the store in mourning.”
One of the merchants, Ottoman El Cherif, was among those shot dead on Monday.
Since the coup led by General Abdel Fatta al-Bahan about three months ago, protesters (sometimes tens of thousands) have been on the streets on a regular basis. After the expulsion of Omar al-Bashir in April 2019, the seizure of military power disrupted the fragile transition to civilian rule, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock resigned earlier this month, and Sudan “at a dangerous crossroads threatening its survival. I warned. UN special representative Volker Perthes accused the use of live ammunition on Monday, and the US embassy criticized “the violent tactics of Sudanese security forces.” This is the latest appeal by the world’s great powers.
Police fired tear gas yesterday at dozens of protesters who set up obstacles in eastern Khartoum, according to AFP correspondents. “We went out to the streets to express our views peacefully, but the troops confronted us with live ammunition,” said protester Tarek Hassan. “We call on all Sudanese and all free revolutionaries to barricade all streets and announce civil disobedience until the pachisto collapses.”
Outside the capital, hundreds of protesters have also demonstrated in other cities, including the eastern states of Blue Nile and Kassala, according to witnesses. Sudan’s ruling Sovereign Council said in a statement yesterday that Barhan formed a fact-finding committee to investigate violence on Monday, and the findings will be submitted within 72 hours.
That’s because Molly Fee, Assistant Secretary of State, and David Satterfield, the Horn of Africa’s special envoy, were expected in Khartoum. State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

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