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Batter Malang says it “hurts” England not to give up ashes

England is “hurt” but is determined to face the challenge and return to the ash series against Australia, batter David Malan said yesterday.
After a slump of 9 wickets in Brisbane and 275 runs in Adelaide, visitors enter the Melbourne Cricket Ground cauldron for the third test on Sunday when they need to win.
If not, Australia will hold the urn as the holder, ending the five test series.
Malang said there was a frank discussion after Adelaide. There, the collapse of the first inning batting, coupled with poor bowling and fielding, sacrificed the match to England.
“After the performance in the last two games, the boys are hurt. They realize that we aren’t good enough in all aspects of the game,” he told journalists. “Talking to everyone, everyone is on the challenge. Everyone is really keen on dealing with Australians. Boys want to win, we want to win the series too.
“It’s a long way to go, but to get back into the series, you have to do well and play the best cricket.”
The odds are against them-the only example of a team that dropped from 2-0 to win the ashes was Don Bradman’s Australia in 1936-37.
Maran and Captain Joe Root were the only two British batters to hit half a century in Brisbane and Adelaide, but couldn’t go ahead and score big.
“The score in the 80’s is good, the score in the 180’s is great, so that’s the goal,” said South African-born Malang.
He suggested that England’s hardships against quality attacks were due to a lack of testing experience on the Australian pitch. He and Root have played the Away Ash series before.
“Many people have never played in Australia, so they’re mostly learning to work in test matches, so they’re faced with bowlers they’ve never faced before and are used to the bounce here.” He said.
“I don’t want to go out and get bowling or lbw because this ticket gate may be a bit slippery, but it’s about learning.
“I know the lead up to dismissal and how the bowler set you up, but many of our dismissals were probably soft in the sense that we were able to leave them. You. Still need to score, but that’s the right choice under pressure, including me, because when you look at how they hit, those who really worked, they’re really gone. , It’s a good learning curve for us. I hope it’s not too late. “
British media suggests that changes may be made to Boxing Day’s tests.
Olly Pope is also disappointed in 6th place, and experienced Johnny Bainsu could replace him.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706778/Hurting-England-not-giving-up-on-Ashes-says-batsma Batter Malang says it “hurts” England not to give up ashes

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