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Bautista Agut lifts Qatar’s trophy for the second time

• Spaniards defeat Georgia’s Nikoloz Bashirashibiri in a straight set of titles

Spain’s Roberto Baustista Agut defeated Georgia defending champion Nikolo Zubashirashibiri yesterday in the fascinating Qatar Exxon Mobile Open Final.
Baustista Agut scored 6-3, 6-4 in 84 minutes of calculated tennis seen by a packed spectator at the iconic Khalifa Tennis and Squash Complex.
Bautista Agut has defeated Basilashvili for the fourth time and the eleventh time in the season.
With the title of the battle yesterday, Baustista Agut is the fifth player to win more than one title in Qatar.
Tennis icon Roger Federer is the only player to win three times in Qatar (2005, 2006, 2011), Sweden’s Stefan Edberg (1994, 1995), England’s Andy Murray (2008, 2009), Novak Djokovic. (2016, 2017). We have won two titles each.
Bautista Agut said yesterday, “I’m very happy now,” after taking revenge on the conquerors in last year’s final.
“It’s been a while since I didn’t raise the trophy. I’ve been working hard to play another final … to get a chance to win another title,” he added.
“It was a big dream when I was young to raise this title here, but now I have won twice in Doha.
“This tournament is very special to me and I can’t be happier anymore,” he said.
“This year was a really tough final. After a very tough match on Friday, it wasn’t easy to recover, so I was lucky to be able to play the final. It was a really tough fight (in the semi-finals). But I think I did a pretty good job today, thanks to helping the team recover as soon as possible.
“I won another Doha trophy. This is my 10th big title. I’m very happy,” he said with a smile.
Basilashvili, who released eight ace in the match, was the first player to manage a service break in the match when he defeated Bautista Agut in Game 3 of the first set.
The 33-year-old Spaniard was capricious with a few long returns, and an unreasonable error in his serve allowed Basilashvili to jump to a 3-1 lead.
However, the 2019 Davis Cup winner from Spain counterattacked in Game 6 when backhand unforced errors and double faults slowed down Basilashvili 3-3.
In the eighth match, Bautista Agut took full advantage of Deuce’s situation, with a few forced errors due to Basilashvili’s upset, causing the 2019 Doha Champion to soar 5-3.
He quickly closed the first set 6-3 by holding a serve.
In the second set, Basilashvili defeated Bautista Agut to 2-0 in the second game, but it didn’t take long for the final champion to fight back.
Bautista Agut defeated Basilashvili in Game 5 and decisively defeated in Game 9.
Bautista Agut had the advantage of 5-4, saw three unforced errors from Bashira Shibiri, won the set 6-3 and won the title for the second time.
Basilashvili, who seemed discouraged, immediately praised the new champion.
“I’m very happy to have played this event overall. I love coming back here, but I would like to congratulate Roberto for hosting a bigger tournament,” said 29-year-old Georgian. Said yesterday.
“Congratulations to your team and his wonderful family. Thank you to my team. They are doing an incredible job,” he said. “I am very pleased to have the team together. I applaud the tournament organizers and sponsors for hosting such a wonderful tournament every year. I want to come back next year.”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710200/Bautista-Agut-lifts-Qatar-trophy-for-the-second-ti Bautista Agut lifts Qatar’s trophy for the second time

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