Bawasul proposes relaxing hiring standards for inspectors

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The General Election Supervisory Authority (Bawaslu) has proposed relaxing the minimum age and education standards for recruiting temporary election officials for the 2024 general and local elections.

Bawaslu chairman Rahmat Bagja confirmed that he had presented the proposal to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) during an audience at the presidential palace on Thursday.

“I propose lowering the minimum age of inspectors to 17 or 18 years old and at the same time lowering the educational standard from high school level to middle school,” Bagja said after an audience with the president.

Bagja explained that the revised recruitment criteria will strengthen Bawaslu’s efforts in the region to recruit more officers at the local level, as the pool of eligible residents has been expanded.

Regarding the lowering of minimum education standards, he said residents with a middle school level education already have sufficient skills to perform duties as election officers at their respective polling stations.

“Middle school[graduates]certainly can read, write and do basic math, so they have enough skills to function as ad-hoc supervisors at polling stations,” Bagja noted.

He added that the president responded positively to the proposal while acknowledging the challenges faced by the election oversight board in recruiting special officers.

“The president said Indonesia is not just Jakarta, and also acknowledged that Bawa Sur has challenged recruiting temporary officers in outlying islands, border areas and other areas,” said the Bawa Sur chief.

Bagja, meanwhile, said on August 31 that he had previously presented recommendations on amending the electoral law to accommodate Papua’s newly formed provinces.

The agency proposed to establish regional Bawasl offices in the three new provinces and to designate the Papua branch office of Bawasur as the performer of the new province’s Bawasl functions by amending the legal provisions, the agency said. he said.

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