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BBC accused of neglecting ‘racist’ remarks against Iran national team in post-match analysis – Doha News

Jürgen Klinsmann claimed that it was the “culture” for Iranian players to “referee”.Comments were denounced as ‘xenophobic’ and ‘racist’

German football manager Jürgen Klinsmann spewed offensive comments about the Iranian football team on the BBC during Friday’s post-match analysis.

Klinsmann claims Iran used dirty tactics to beat Wales during Friday’s match at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, claiming ‘that’s their culture’ on four different accounts during the show did.

Iran scored in the 99th and 101st minutes of the match to secure a 2–0 victory over Wales.

Wales’ Gaby Logan, the BBC’s Qatar World Cup 2022 presenter, accuses Iran of using sinister methods to win against Welsh team after alluding to it in her question He seems to have urged Klinsmann to

“This is not an accident, it’s all on purpose. It’s just part of their culture, it’s how they play,” said Klinsmann.

“Work on referees, work on Ops,” he said.

The racist remarks didn’t stop there. Another commentator on the panel questioned him as to whether the outcome of the game would have been different, indirectly implying the game in favor of Wales. The referee’s Guatemalan nationality was the main factor behind his team’s Welsh defeat.

social media intervention

The racist remarks went viral on social media, with many calling out European xenophobia.

“Oh, Klinsmann ironically, he was often accused of cheating (diving!) and made these sweeping and rather racist claims about Central Americans and Middle Easterners. It’s sad that no one else called him,” Media Hasan tweeted.

“The BBC does pretty much garbage analysis most of the time, but national events increase xenophobia to 11. And it’s not just Iran. teams are always “physical beasts, but tactically inept”. “Frustration Twitter user Said.

“Unfortunately that behavior and the BBC is British culture,” said another Twitter user.

Another social media user addresses unfair judgment in Iran vs. Wales game Said Klinsmann said, “We’ve reduced Iran to some kind of heinous game in the system. They’ve dominated the damn game. We’ve outdone them.”

“His unsubstantiated racist behavior during the post-match analysis against Iran is a disgrace and the BBC should be ashamed that he rattled unchallenged on live television. is.” another User said.

Others noted the lack of representation on the BBC’s post-match analysis panel. say it: “There are no Iranians. I wonder if they even thought of finding someone to speak for the Iranian team. I’m not afraid.

The panel included a Welsh host and two Welshmen with German nationality Klinsmann.

Pointing out the absurdity of not accepting a non-Western victory over the West, one such nasty user Said: “The flashy title of ‘World Cup’ should be dropped and whites and other players should be in separate competitions.”

Since Qatar won the 2022 World Cup in 2010, and since the tournament began, the British media has downplayed, downplayed and ‘othered’ the achievements of non-Western countries. has long used racist and xenophobic tropes for

As BBC Football anchor Gary Lineker, another Western hypocrisy and double standard did not go unnoticed. criticized Qatar, which was broadcasting live from a stadium in Doha on Sunday, refused to broadcast the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony to “give lessons about morality and politics” and show a signal of virtue.

“British media pushing the line of ‘dirty foreigners’ […] All tournaments are the same. Borderline racist?Absolutely,” said a Twitter user. I have written online.

https://dohanews.co/bbc-slammed-for-allowing-racist-remarks-against-iran-team-go-unchallenged-in-post-match-analysis/ BBC accused of neglecting ‘racist’ remarks against Iran national team in post-match analysis – Doha News

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