BBC News Chinese officially announces on News Lens, providing diverse and detailed international perspective

To better serve our readers, The News Lens has officially launched a contract to share BBC NewsChinese articles and illustrations. The agreement will come into effect in July 2022. BBC News Chinese provides objective, timely and accurate articles and analysis, closely following the global pulsation and further enriching the international perspective that TNL has cultivated over many years.

Since its founding in 2013, The News Lens has been guided by its core value of inspiring ideas from different perspectives and broadening its horizons with different voices. We promise to provide our readers with a diverse perspective not only on Asian political and social issues, but also on international perspectives. Simplifying complex problems and making them easier to understand without sacrificing nuances is another important effort.

Operating according to these principles does not slow our growth. Over the years, we have launched a variety of new products and services. International English and Southeast Asian editions launched in 2015. 2017 was followed by a live stream talk show featuring renowned newscaster Jennifer Shen and the cutting-edge podcast “Drink With Mario.” Another highlight is the few YouTube channels “World View”. A channel dedicated to international news when launched in 2018.

Recently, our podcast and digital interactive page won the 2022 SOPA Editing Award, known as the “Pulitzer Prize in Asia,” raising TNL’s belief in honest reporting and reliability, BBC News Chinese values ​​and more. Matched.

Joey Chung, Co-Founder and CEO of TNL Media Group, said: “From small websites to media groups with 8 brands and 10 subsidiaries, we have always followed the concept of independent media. By working with international media giant BBC NewsChinese, we have a blueprint. We are one step closer to becoming one of the best media companies in the Chinese world. “

Marioyan, co-founder and chief content officer, said: In addition to mainstream topics, it also focuses on internationally important issues, but less attention has been paid to Taiwan on LGBT issues and how climate change has changed the route. In collaboration with BBC NEWS Chinese, we will not only complete the TNL offering, but also provide our readers with a unique international perspective. “

News Lens is affiliated with TNL Media Group. Other brands in the group include INSIDE, Sports Vision, Cool3c, everylittled, Becoming Aces, Agent Movie, Ohsowow, and Business Yee. From 2019 to 2021, TNL Media Group acquired big data market research company EK2A, digital advertising company AD2, and SC Communications Integrated Marketing, and launched DaEX Intelligent (a joint venture between TNL Media Group and AccuHit). With 18 million monthly users and 50 million page views at home and abroad, TNL Media Group has become the most trusted partner for readers and corporate marketing and digital transformation in the Asian market.

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About TNL Media Group

TNL Group is one of the fastest growing digital advertising, data analytics and media platforms in the Asian market.

Launched in both Mandarin and English versions, TNL provides digital readers with comprehensive, detailed, diverse and highly influential content.

After that, he expanded and acquired a mobile advertising network and a big data research company, and launched a data analysis platform. As a result, groups can effectively capture user information through zero-party, first-party, third-party databases, AI analytics, Martech, and other cross-domain core products.

TNL will provide news and informed commentary to the general public, provide data to brands, connect with technology, and become an integral partner to a company’s digital transformation needs.

The TNL Group consists of 8 content brands and 10 subsidiaries with more than 230 staff in Taipei, Hong Kong and Japan. TNL Media Group’s existing prominent investors include NorthBase Media, a former seed investor at The NewsLens, Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, and the well-known Silicon Valley investment. Includes the home Tim Draper.

For more information, please visit the group website. BBC News Chinese officially announces on News Lens, providing diverse and detailed international perspective

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