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Training is essential not only for basketball players on and off the court, but also for the players responsible for running the game. To ensure that Bahamas referees are trained and comply with all official basketball rules, the Bahamas Basketball Federation (BBF) has recently been the Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) for the FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) Referee Training Course. Affiliated with.

The 10-day training session, which accommodated more than 25 participants, was a comprehensive modality mix offered face-to-face with Zoom. Training focused on the rules and interpretations of official FIBA ​​basketball. Level 1 to 3 referees. How the three referees work; FIBA ​​basketball knowledge; practical and dynamic in court; and practical exercises in the game.

RBDF Commander, BBF Vice President 2 and FIBA ​​National Instructor Freddie Brown explained why the collaboration with BBF works.

“We usually offer training courses for physical fitness instructors every other year, some of which are aimed at all instructors receiving information about all sports and, if possible, accredited. As a national basketball authority, the BBF was called in to carry out this movement for the RBDF, “he explained.

During training, the referee had to complete a fitness test, court training, and referee / coach training, as well as a written online test.

Aniska Bonaby, a referee training participant, was grateful for the opportunity to apply training, networking, and the skills learned on the court to become an official referee one day.

“This course was very informative and I was able to look at new things and opportunities, not just exercise. I found that you could be a referee for all kinds of sports. Commander Brown informed us that the refereeing industry has opportunities for women, which was timely for me, because there were times when you wanted to diverge and do something new, and now Because it allows for a basketball match as a referee, “Bonaby said.

This course was facilitated by Commander Brown and was offered by a team of experienced FIBA ​​certified trainers, including former FIBA ​​Referee and recent FIBA ​​Commissioner Terez Conliffe. Christian Wilmore, FIBA ​​Referee and World Cup Referee. Rochelle Kemp, FIBA ​​Table / Statistician; Christine Cunningham, FIBA ​​Table / Statistician; Norman Hume’s, Former FIBA ​​Referee and Commissioner, now FIBA ​​Game Director. And Estacia Smith, a certified FIBA ​​referee.

BBF President Eugene Horton praised the partnership with RBDF to help Bahamas learn new skills by earning FIBA ​​certification.

“We believe in skilled individuals on and off the court, so the federation is proud of its development and training. We look forward to supporting further collaboration,” said Houghton.

After completing rigorous training, each participant will need to referee at least two official games using FIBA’s three refereeing mechanism. BBF and RBDF Team for Referee Course – Nassau Guardian

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