BBKSDA evacuates agile gibbons from Riau Park

We have released 2 (agile gibbons), 1 has a territory and 1 has not yet so we are observing again due to space issues.

Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA) – A team from the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) evacuated a male agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis) Also Owa poop After unsuccessful adjustments from Sultan Sharif Hasim Grand Forest Park.

Riau BBKSDA technical head Mahfud confirmed in Pekanbaru on Friday that the agile gibbons had been evacuated after being briefed by forest rangers on the post-release status of the center.

“We released two (nimble) gibbons, one of which has territory and one has not yet, so we’re watching again for space issues,” he said. .

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The agile gibbon was 10 years old and was released in mid-May 2022, but was rescued again because he was too young, he added.

“Living only about a month in the forest, he is now in Riau BBKSDA. I stopped eating and even begged for food,” he said.

This prompted Sultan Sharif Hasim Grand Forest Park police to observe the agile gibbons again and demand that they be released again at a new location.

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“Yeah, I’ll find another place when I’m done with my research. When it comes to food issues, the forest has plenty of food sources. This is because there’s no space in the forest, and I came back to meet the inhabitants and drivers. he said.

The agile gibbons are protected arboreal macaques belonging to the broadband family and are expected to lead normal lives in the wild.

The May 15, 2022 release was intended to increase the population of agile gibbons in the wild by allowing them to reproduce naturally.

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