BCA excited about the announcement of the construction industry

Leonard Sands, Chairman of the Bahamas Contractors Association (BCA), said the industry was very excited about the sale of Grand Lukayan in the Grand Bahamas and the announcement of recent construction work related to the port of the new Carnival Cruise Line. A word for developers to hire their predominantly Bahamian workers.

The Electra America Hospitality Group, which has agreed to purchase Grand Lucayan from the government for $ 100 million, has also agreed to create 1,000 jobs during the $ 300 million refurbishment and construction phase of the project. Meanwhile, the Carnival Cruise Line, which plans to begin construction of a new $ 200 million cruise port in East Grand Bahamas soon, has pledged to create hundreds more jobs.

“Obviously, we’re very excited about it. Some information about it is interesting, the sale price of $ 100 million, the owner wants to spend $ 300 million on real estate refurbishment. Pay attention to the instructions, “Sands said. Guardian business yesterday. “I think our only question is whether it costs $ 300 million to open a property or $ 300 million to refurbish a property over a specific period of time.

“The number of construction workers in the refurbishment stage is really exciting, but always be careful. These developers say they always hire 1,000 workers and then somewhere in the changing line. At this point, we are looking forward to it. We hope it will happen. We hope that this developer will maintain the intention of hiring 1,000 Bahamans during the refurbishment period. “

The Electra Hospitality Group has promised to maintain 80% of the Bahamas’ workforce during the construction and refurbishment of the 700-room Grand Lucayan resort. We are also planning to build a luxurious villa.

Mr Sands said one thing that foreign developers say when signing the agreement, but very often they come back later with complaints that the Bahamian workforce cannot support the demands of workers. ..

“The Bahamas Contractors Association presents this particular developer with the challenge of promoting all positions under construction, and BCA provides all the positions they need to fill. That’s what I’m BCA. It’s a challenge I’m taking as president of the company, “Sands said.

“We believe we have the skills and abilities available. Grand Bahama hasn’t done anything for over a decade. Obviously, there are a lot of unemployed people with the skills. The challenge is that developers may need paper requirements, but when they go to the field, they don’t have different skill sets than local craftsmen. They are on paper. Say this, this, or this is necessary, but when we see that they (foreigners) are actually doing the usual masonry work that our guys have been doing for 50 years.

“They will say you need this level of carpentry skill, but when we get there they are hanging the door, and we guys have been hanging the door for 50 years, therefore. Given the fair opportunity for Bahamans to be hired in this project, we believe we have the labor force to supply that demand in Grand Bahama. It is that the person is Nassau or adjacent. It may mean moving from Elysera, but they will be Bahamas. “

Mr Sands said there was a clear boom in the construction sector as a whole, but could not attribute all activities to the efforts of the Davis administration.

“From my point of view, I think it’s a combination of two things. I think the economy is recovering and COVID is coming to an end. So projects that couldn’t move forward due to the pandemic are moving forward. “He said.

“It doesn’t mean that this new administration hasn’t come out there and found new projects or investments, but looking at how quickly it happened, I think some of these are already in the pipeline. “

The construction industry has been extremely successful in the recovery of the country’s economy since 2021, supported by post-Dorian reconstruction, the construction of a new US embassy and new cruise port at Nassau Harbor, and some small and medium-sized foreign direct transport. It has played an important role. investment. BCA excited about the announcement of the construction industry

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