Beauty and functionality: SENS creates candles for aesthetic purposes and purposes

The warmth and aroma that exudes from burning candles is part of its aesthetics and purpose, but for SENS it’s not the only one. When designing the ultimate candle, SENS knew that the container was an important visual aspect that remained important to the image of a completely handmade candle.

Candle making is not an easy skill to master, especially if you want to provide perfection. Therefore, creating the most powerful perfumes on the market requires candle-making skills, knowledge to create beautiful scents, and the perfect way to incorporate them into waxes without losing strength.

Complete ancient skills

Traditions around the world have long relied on the use of candles, thanks to the various symbolism of the flame. For example, in mythology, I read about how the gods of Mount Olympus set Prometheus on fire for the progress and lighting of the mortals. The meaning of burning candles can range from memories to celebrations, home expressions, beliefs, prayers, and meditation memories.

Candle making is a beautiful form of art, thanks to the endless possibilities that wax offers. It can be poured, shaped, and engraved in endless designs, and then adding scents is a completely different art. For thousands of years, we have used several ingredients to create the wax needed for candles – melted animal fats (including whales), beeswax, fat-dried fish, paraffin wax, and more.

Today, we burn candles and seek the beautiful warm atmosphere they add to our homes and their soothing scents. In addition, candle makers now have far more materials available, such as eco-friendly waxes.

SENS makes each candle by hand

Michael Romero, the founder of SENS, set out to create beautiful candles that match every space. Seeing more than half of the candles on the market use glass, he wanted a handmade container as well as the rest of the candles.

The solution emerged when he was able to obtain a sample from the beautiful ceramic container used for the candle.Handmade ceramic containers in 6 gorgeous colors that match the fragrant hand-poured wax made from SENS Candle Co., Ltd. They stand out from all other brands and are immediately recognizable.

In addition, SENS uses wax melts made from eco-friendly soy wax blends to monitor every detail to ensure that nothing of the candles is made in the factory.

Intense candle scent of SENS

SENS 01 has been researched and tested for over a year before being marketed as SENS Candle’s signature fragrance. The top notes of bergamot and tobacco leaves are amicably mixed with the warm bottom notes of the amber forest. In the middle, create a perfect harmony and place a scented note of white Santal and cocoa flowers.

SENS created Sweet Oasis, a scent dedicated to the joy of reaching a secret destination after a long journey through the Arabian Desert in search of another scent. Citrus and berries make up the top note of this fun aroma, while vanilla, sandalwood and musk add depth. Nestling in the middle is a light notebook of lilies and magnolias.

Caribbean teak is a scent containing almonds, amber, coconut, sandalwood, and exotic tonka beans. For those who enjoy the scent of gardenia, in the night garden you can imagine a wild night when the sweet flowers of this rare flower are in full bloom.

Other fragrances in the SENS series include acai berry and dull serino.

The most powerful candle branding on the market

Michael Romero is not a newcomer to the world of branding and visuals. The owner of SENS Candle is a professional commercial photographer with several years of experience. He previously worked for the well-known jewelery brand Miansai and learned about the power of visuals in branding.

“I knew the market was ready for a luxury candle brand with aesthetics and purpose,” says Romero. He continues. “But from my previous work experience, I knew that focusing on branding and visuals would help to market the most powerful candles available.”

As Michael and his team quickly realized, developing a candle company requires a great deal of effort and dedication. But with the first work required to create the signature fragrance SENS 01, you realize how much you love the excitement of the task you set to create beautiful and functional candles that everyone can enjoy. did. Beauty and functionality: SENS creates candles for aesthetic purposes and purposes

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