Belgian fans arrive at Christmas concert “Mystery of Bulgarian Voice”

famous Choir Announcing its Celebration Performance at Bulgaria Hall on December 13th-Live and Online

Bulgarian female Choir “NS Mysteries of Bulgarian voice“We will once again present the premier title to the Bulgarian audience, but this time the only one. Christmas concert This year, it will be held at 19:00 on December 13th at the hall “Bulgaria” in the capital Sofia.

After the release of the albums “Boo Chii Mish” and “Shandai Ya / Stanka”, with the participation of Lisa Gerrard, we succeeded in forming a partnership with the famous composer Peter Dandakov. Choir Preparing a new repertoire again-two Christmas pieces. One of them, the Christmas Song Bouquet, was specially arranged for people by London-based Bulgarian composer Dobrinka Tabakova (now a resident composer of the BBC Concert Orchestra). She was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Classical Music Album in 2013 and is the author of the award performed on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Other premier works have also been specially created Choir “NS Mysteries of Bulgarian voice“By Bulgarian young composer and conductor Lubomir Denefson. Commonly known as Principal Conductor of Philharmonic” Pioneer “, Guest Conductor of major national and international symphonies and opera ensembles, and author of concerts and film scores. ..

At the first concert, the audience will have the opportunity to listen live. “Zaidi Sluntse“-Duet by soloist Violeta Marinova and world beatbox champion Alexander Deyanov–SkilleR. This song was released on the latest mini-album. Choir “Shandia / Stanka” in 2020 has attracted the audience many times with the performances of overseas choirs.

Program Christmas concert It also includes traditional choir Christmas song repertoires and works from the album “Boo Chii Mish”.

In addition to the hall audience, concerts will be available online in real time around the world. However, “The Mysteries of Bulgarian voice“From Belgium we will arrive in Sofia, especially for concerts..

Apart from SkilleR, the performers will be joined by musicians-a very successful part. Mysteries 2019 European Tour: Guitarist Petr Čech, string player Fristina Bereba, Cabal player Costa Dingenchev, percussionist Dimital Semov.

Tickets Christmas concert of” Mysteries of Bulgarian voice“, Including streaming events Eventim Network and Hall “Bulgaria” box office revenue-Sofia.

This event will be held in accordance with the norms related to the pandemic situation in Japan.

/ Katya Staykova Belgian fans arrive at Christmas concert “Mystery of Bulgarian Voice”

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