Belgium-based pilot brings Ryanair to court

According to the ACV union, about half of Ryanair’s Belgium-based pilots have joined forces to sue the budget airline amid stalled wage talks, Bruzz reports.

The basis for the lawsuit involving 48 of the 100 Belgian-based pilots is the allegation that Ryanair used Renault’s procedures as a pressure tool to cut wages.

Renault’s procedure, which refers to mass layoffs, takes its name from a controversial incident in the 1990s when the Renault carmaker laid off 3,097 people without notice to boost its share price. Subsequently, the Belgian labor law was amended to provide mandatory conditions for such layoffs.

Pilots behind lawsuit say Ryanair used threats of mass layoffs to cut wages by 20% during coronavirus pandemic, pilots could cut salaries or lose their jobs said. Ryanair sat on a pile of cash. “

Ryanair has been criticized for its post-coronavirus salary negotiations with pilots. Threatened to completely stop doing business in Belgium If the pilots based there did not accept the salaries they were offered, the pilots said salaries were not properly indexed and remained low. have criticized “Disdainful and arrogant”.

The lawsuit seeks to correct wages that did not accurately reflect the August 2019 indexing and to properly pay the unemployment owed to pilots who lost their jobs during the pandemic. increase.

“During this period, pilots were temporarily unemployed,” Ersen said. “Ryanair had to pay the surcharge for each day of unemployment. However, in accordance with airline industry rules, Ryanair paid this surcharge not every day, but only once a month. did not.”

Photo: © Ryanair Belgium-based pilot brings Ryanair to court

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