Bento signs contract for a European fund worth 25 million lei – Romanian Journal

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Bento, a Romanian entrepreneur specializing in the development and implementation of software solutions and the provision of IT and cloud infrastructure services, is a European-funded project worth approximately 25 million lei within the Competitiveness Operational Program (POC). Announced approval. From 2014 to 2020, approximately 15.1 million lei represent non-refundable grants.

“”Through its presence, we have constantly invested in improving the services and solutions we provide to our domestic and international clients, as well as expanding our IT & C expertise. Starting this year, our sources of funding are reinvesting profits, raising banks and raising capital markets. At the same time, almost two years ago, we chose to diversify our growth by applying for European funding. Therefore, the approved project announced today is a result we are very proud of, given the rigor and complex process required to obtain a non-refundable grant. The funds raised will support the development of an integrated platform and build it as a standard product that can serve clients without the need to constantly develop customized applications for them. The platform follows the company’s strategy of developing two in-house products, Bento FSM and Bento MDM, with new modules using the same technology added throughout the platform to create an integrated modular system.“Bento’s Chairman of the Board, Radu Scarlat, said.

Bento’s POC 2014-2020 funded project “Platform for Modular Digital Transformation in the Corporate Environment and Public Sector” is Priority 2- “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a Competitive Digital Economy” Is part of. We also aim to develop a modular platform designed to automate and optimize processes within an organization where one or more modules are implemented. The platform is compatible with private and public institutions, through which the activities of companies or public institutions are partially or fully digitized.

Over the last two years, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has accelerated digitization at the corporate and public sector level. As a result, we have begun investing heavily in IT infrastructure and digital solutions to automate a variety of activities. Today, according to Bento’s management, the digitization phenomenon has reached the next stage of this development, with organizations looking to increasingly customize the IT solutions they need. These customized solutions take into account several determinants, such as the size of your organization, the details of the industry in which you operate, your location, your business goals, how you work, and your existing software solutions. As a result, standardized software application versions provide the maximum efficiency they desire, especially for companies with complex businesses.

Therefore, the platform that Bento creates in support of non-refundable grants has the dynamics of increasing demand for IT solutions from organizations, the need to customize solutions to the specific requirements of enterprises and public authorities, and Their growing desire for cloud digitization solutions.

Funding for the project will end on December 31, 2023. After that, Bento will have to meet a set of performance indicators for three years related to aspects such as creating the platform mentioned above, extending with at least six existing or new clients. Achieve a profitability of 1.29 using the platform developed by the company. Profitability is calculated as the ratio of direct or indirect sales achieved after the sale of the solution within the platform to the non-refundable value of the project, approximately 15.1 million lei.

Approximately 9.4 million lei contributions to the project cofinancing consist of several components. Some are from the profits associated with 2021, 2022, and 2023, and the other is from the capital raised. With private placement from November 2021 and bank loans available to the company.

“”The development of software applications that cover a wide range of activities has been part of our DNA since the company was founded. With over 17 years of history, we have developed applications in all IT & C areas and have accumulated experience from both a software developer’s perspective and a client’s perspective. In this way, we have developed software systems that provide actionable solutions to understand the challenges and obstacles that various companies and public authorities must overcome and to manage or eliminate them. The platform proposed in this project leverages the experience gained over the last few years, and clients are the main services and solutions implemented at a much faster pace and with less financial effort on their part. Become a beneficiary.“Bento co-founder Vlad Bodea said. Bento signs contract for a European fund worth 25 million lei – Romanian Journal

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