Berlin and Brandenburg plan U7 extension –

Government leaders in Berlin and Brandenburg have announced further measures to extend metro line 7 from Rudow to the capital’s airport BER.


A cost-benefit analysis for the approximately eight-kilometer route will soon be commissioned, Mayor Franziska Giffey and Minister Dietmar Wojke, both SPDs, announced on Friday during a joint tour along the planned route.

Applying for Federal Funds

Such economic viability analysis is a prerequisite for applying for federal funding, according to both politicians. An application for funding will be ready once this planning step, which is expected around August or September, is completed, Giffey said. She hopes to receive federal funding by the end of the year. The head of the Berlin government estimates the cost of the project, which has been under discussion for some time, at €811-890 million, depending on the route. About $600 million will be spent on some of the routes in Brandenburg.

Wojke: ‘This project is of national importance’

Both states are pushing the federal government to cover 90% of the cost instead of the usual 75% for many transportation projects. “This project is of national importance,” Woidke said of the demand.

Development of new residential and commercial areas

It will probably take 12 to 15 years to complete the underground expansion. Both politicians said the project BER airportDeveloping new residential and commercial areas with tens of thousands of residents and jobs and organizing climate-neutral mobility are of particular importance.

“This project is very important for the development of metropolitan areas,” said Giffey. Voidke noted the social and economic dynamism of the region. “Now we have to keep pace with this dynamism in the expansion of our transport network. local public transport“There is no time to lose on this point.

U7 Berlin’s longest metro line

The U7 is Berlin’s longest metro line, with a total length of over 30 km. It runs between Rathaus Spandau and Rudow. Over the years, expansion beyond the two terminus stations has been discussed. So-called feasibility studies on projects have been available for some time.

Further U-bahn extension possible

In a coalition agreement for 2021, Berlin’s SPD, the Greens and the Left Party have agreed to explore the possibility of a total of five underground expansions. Rudow to BER, U7 from Spandau to Heerstraße, U8 to Märkische Viertel, U2 to Pankow-Kirche, U3 to Mexikoplatz, as well as being considered. The first project to be implemented could be U3 in southwest Berlin. Construction could start here in 2026.

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Publication date: February 3, 2023

Last updated: February 3, 2023

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