Berlin District Court to be divided –

The Berlin House of Commons has decided to split the Landgericht Berlin.

From 2024, all criminal cases will be concentrated in Landgericht I and all civil cases in Landgericht II. In her statement, Berlin Senator Lena Klek said the decision was a right and important step for Berliners to benefit. They will have a more accessible justice system.

Improving judicial effectiveness

“This split greatly improves the chances of achieving a clear management structure, local decision-making, and independent accountability for resources,” Krek said. “The net result is a smaller unit of action, which improves the effectiveness of justice.”

Largest district court in the country

According to the judiciary, Berlin is home to Germany’s largest district court with more than 400 judges and about 800 staff. Currently deployed in 3 locations. The new Landgericht I will operate at the Moabit site and Landgericht II at the Tegeler Weg and Littenstrasse locations.

Author: dpa

Publication date: January 27, 2023

Last updated: January 27, 2023 Berlin District Court to be divided –

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