Berlin’s unemployment rate drops to 8.7% –

The beginning of many outdoor work seasons has further reduced Berlin’s unemployment rate.

As reported by the Federal Employment Agency on Tuesday (May 3, 2022), 176,717 women and men were registered as unemployed in Berlin in April-2869 fewer than in March. The unemployment rate fell 0.1 points from the previous month to 8.7%. A significant decrease can be seen in year-to-year comparisons. Compared to April 2021, Berlin’s unemployment has fallen by more than 33,000 and the city-wide unemployment rate has fallen by 1.8 percentage points.

Short-term unemployment rate not included in the unemployment rate figures

The unemployment rate does not include, for example, unemployed people who are further trained or temporarily unable to work. If they are included, 230,532 Berliners are currently out of work. This so-called underemployment is 31,000 less than it was a year ago.

High demand for workers in many industries

“While the hospitality and tourism sector and the construction industry’s seasonal businesses are looking for workers, all other industries in the region are also showing high demand for new staff,” said Ramona Schroeder, director of the Berlin Brandenburg Agency. Explained. Almost 22,000 job openings have been reported, surpassing 6,000 more than a year ago.

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Date of issue: 3. May 2022

Last updated: 3. May 2022 Berlin’s unemployment rate drops to 8.7% –

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