Bernard Grec officially submits PN leadership nomination

Bernard Grec officially submitted his nomination to the post of nationalist party leader.

Gretsch will be the only candidate for the leadership elections that the party has tied up after the devastating 2022 general election defeat of PN a little less than two months ago.

He went through the party’s due diligence process on Wednesday, paving the way for his candidacy.

Gretsch encouraged the party council to participate in this “democratic exercise” at the party’s general council.

It will be held on Friday, May 27th and Saturday, May 28th.

“I am confident that with the strong support of the councilors, we can continue to make the decisions necessary to get together and recreate a stronger and more victorious party,” Gretsch said. I wrote it on Facebook.

Current PN leaders require a majority of votes (50% + 1) from party councilors, which is about 1,600.

Gretsch’s nomination had to be endorsed by three members, five local council members, ten administrative committee members, 50 general council members, and 50 PN members, in accordance with party legislation. ..

Gretsch has been a PN leader since late 2020 and has taken over from Adrian Delia following a fierce division within the party.

After that, the division seemed to cool down, and in the weeks following the defeat of the general election, Gretsch is aiming to manage financial debt, especially € 32 million, so what needs to change the situation within the party? I also said it.

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