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Johanna Briels, Director of Southeastern Europe for FinTech iBanFirst, has been appointed Governor of the BEROCC Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania and Moldova. He is the successor to Koen Vanvinckenroye, who has led the organization for the past two years.

Johan Gabriels coordinates the Belgian-French B2B fintech iBanFirst expansion strategy in Southern and Eastern Europe. The region operates a global trading platform with monthly sales of approximately € 2 billion. Its purpose is to provide local businesses with innovative financial services for external payments and currency hedging, customized to the specific needs of each client.

He has been a member of BEROCC since 2017 and was previously Vice President and Treasury Officer. In his new position as President of the organization, he will focus on the development of the business community between Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania and Moldova, and will be responsible for the activities and team coordination of BEROCC.

“”I am honored to take over the chairman of BEROCC, The organization to which I am connected by many special moments in my career. The Balkan region, especially Romania, is one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe and has seen remarkable growth in recent years. This creates a favorable environment for attracting investment and promoting bilateral trade. Therefore, my goal is to organize many innovative projects online or offline in 2022, connect business people and promote new partnerships for the development of the business environment of the country we represent. .. “Says Johann Gabriels, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Moldova, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania.

Johan has a broad background in finance and fintech and has a good knowledge of emerging markets. He came to Romania in 2009 and has held senior positions in well-known banks and companies such as Ebury, RBS, MoneyCorp and Banca Comercială Carpatica for the past 12 years. He holds a Master of Economics degree and an MBA.Solvay Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration in Brussels BEROCC has new president – ​​Romanian Journal

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