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AS Monaco Basketball is within one win by defeating the demons of 2019 and taking revenge on Lyon-Billourbanne after a Nick and Tuck victory (83-80) at Salle Gaston Médecin.

After two violently vibrating one-sided events with the Astroball, the team matched much more evenly in their first match in Monaco. For the first time in every play there was tension and danger, which showed the strength with which each ball was competing.

After suffering such a big defeat in the last match in Lyon (91-54), Monaco had to react to get the series back on track. “Everyone saw how badly we were beaten in the second game. I think it was the biggest margin in the final, so I kept that in mind,” Dwayne Bacon said after the match.

However, Sasha Obradović did not get the reaction from the beginning. The Roca team lacked efficiency and creativity because they couldn’t break through Asvel’s key. “The start of the game may have been influenced by the previous game. I was too nervous. I missed too many shots to score under the basket,” Obradvich said.

However, the quality of Monaco shined in the second quarter. Relying on an aggressive and solid defense base, attackers began to thrive, especially outside the keys. There, the far superior advantage of the side (53% to 14%) was ultimately decisive.

According to Obradvic, its solidity allowed them to “express their quality,” and Bacon (19) did do it in a hurry with two pointers, but his three-point attempt. Paris Three, who completed all four, also contributed to the unanswered 12-Point Streak (37-27). Monaco had something to hold on, but it wasn’t an easy task because of the two sides that matched evenly.

Photo courtesy of Luke Entwistle, Monaco Life

Elie Okobo (25), who had the freedom of the court, drew Asvel, but in Yussofa Fall (16), Lyon has more players than can specifically counter the threat of Mike James (16). rice field. The American point guard was tough in the first half, but became more influential as the minutes passed.

The game felt like it had won when Donatas Motier Junas changed three points to give Monaco a 6-point advantage (78-72). The hall erupted, but soon became quiet when Okobo converted the rare Lyon three-pointer back into contact distance.

Despite a nervous finish that lasted until the final play, Monaco won, and in doing so moved within one win of the Betrik Elite title.

“I think both teams played a very good level of basketball. First of all, I think this is a good promotion for basketball. Towards the end, seeing the perfect personal quality on both sides. It’s done, “said Obradvic.

Bacon emphasized the importance of starting Wednesday’s fourth and potentially finals at Sargaston Medesin.He said Monaco Life, “If they get the lead, it can be a really bad game for us, so we have to keep landing the first punch out. “

According to Americans, the key to doing that is good defense. “Defense wins the game at the end of the day … it depends on who gets the most stops. We have to adopt that idea in Game 4 and stop as much as we can. You can win the game by getting the most stops and rebounds. “

Monaco may have a grasp of the title at his fingertips, but he certainly doesn’t have it, and he needs to recreate the performance on Monday night.

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Photo courtesy of Luke Entwistle, Monaco Life

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