Biden celebrates 107th anniversary of Armenian genocide-nationwide

President Joe Biden To commemorate the 107th anniversary of the start on Sunday Armenian genocide“Deported, slaughtered, or marched to death in an extinction campaign” issued a statement in memory of 1.5 million Armenians.

The statement did not mention Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Biden called the genocide. Still, Biden took advantage of the anniversary to set a set of foreign policy principles for the United States and its allies to arm Ukrainians and impose sanctions on Russia.

“We renew our pledge to remain vigilant for the corrosive effects of all forms of hatred,” the president said. “We are committed again to say and stop atrocities that leave a lasting scar on the world.”

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“All Hands-on Deck” for Ukraine in Canada: Anand

“All Hands-on Deck” for Ukraine’s Response in Canada: Anand – April 17, 2022

In 1915, Ottoman officials arrested Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in what is now Constantinople, Istanbul. Biden’s statement states that the incident on April 24 marked the beginning of the genocide.

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Biden, who fulfilled his campaign promise, used the term “genocide” for the first time on last year’s anniversary. The White House in the past has avoided the word for decades because of concerns that NATO member Turkey could be offended.

Turkish officials were angry with Biden’s declaration a year ago, and the Foreign Ministry issued a statement stating: Circles and anti-Turkish groups. “

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