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Biden focuses on testing, vaccines to fight Omicron

Washington: Faced with a surge in Omicron variants, U.S. officials distributed 500 million free COVID-19 tests, mobilized military medical personnel as needed, and increased vaccination capacity, White House officials said. Said yesterday. “We have the tools to overcome this wave,” officials said, saying there were no plans to impose new restrictions.

Americans say, “If you are vaccinated and follow the precautions we all are familiar with, especially masking while traveling, they should feel comfortable celebrating Christmas and holidays.” “Our school too.” Our economy doesn’t have to be blocked either, “said officials.

The Joe Biden administration’s response is based on three principles: increased hospital resources, increased testing, and increased vaccines. The federal government will mobilize 1,000 doctors, nurses, and military medical personnel nationwide in January and February as needed.

Washington has already sent additional emergency teams to Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The government is also preparing emergency transport and equipment, including protective equipment and respiratory equipment, for hospitals that may need them.

“We are preparing for our belief that more unvaccinated hospitalizations will occur in the coming months,” officials said. The Biden administration will also take action in COVID screening, an area where it is strongly criticized, by purchasing a rapid test at home for 500 million people.

Starting in January, the COVID test will be delivered free of charge to Americans requesting it from its dedicated website. The government has also promised to open a new vaccination center. “We should take Omicron seriously, but this is not the cause of panic, but the cause of concern,” officials said, reiterating the emotions often emphasized by Biden.

The president was elected after Donald Trump’s mixed message with a promise to defeat the virus and protect Americans. However, in countries where vaccination and mask wearing have become divisive political issues and end up in a protracted court battle with federal orders, the virus has proven difficult to control.

Biden has sought to impose vaccination obligations on private companies and federal employees, but has done nothing more than publicly ask people to shoot in recent weeks. He also decided not to impose any further restrictions for the time being, such as imposing restrictions on domestic flights.

Shows and sporting events are increasingly being canceled in the United States, but some cities, such as Boston, have implemented enhanced health protocols. In some areas, schools have decided to temporarily switch to virtual learning after winter vacation. – AFP

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