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Biden meets Palestinian leaders prior to visiting Saudi Arabia

Bethlehem: US President Joe Biden met with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on the west bank of the occupied Jordan River on Friday to meet with a focus on economic measures without major diplomatic progress. The meeting was held in Bethlehem before Biden visited Saudi Arabia.

Biden visited a hospital in East Jerusalem on Friday and announced a $ 100 million aid package for medical institutions in the area. “These hospitals are the backbone of Palestine’s healthcare system,” he said after broadly speaking about his own family’s emergency medical experience.

Since 2014, peace talks in the Middle East have been dying, and US officials have said delegations will take economic steps. This includes an “additional $ 201 million” from the United Nations System (UNRWA), which serves Palestinian refugees, officials said.

The agency’s funds were cut by Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump. But Biden revealed on Thursday that there are no plans to overturn the controversial move to recognize Jerusalem as the real capital of the Zionist by Trump.

The US delegation will also announce plans to deploy 4G Internet infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and on the West Bank by the end of next year.

The US President visited Bethlehem to meet Abbas as Palestinians were banned from political activity in Jerusalem by the Zionist government. A quiet welcome from the Palestinians there awaited him.

“He can’t buy us,” said Tamer Mustafa, a 20-year-old Palestinian living downtown Bethlehem. “The visit is not about peace, [the Zionist entity].. Many are angry because he said he was a Zionist. “

The Palestinian president has been in office since 2005, accusing him of abandoning the election last year and refusing to guarantee a vote in East Jerusalem by officials of the Zionist organization.

Biden reiterated Washington’s support for “a two-state solution for two people with deep ancient roots in this land” on Thursday.

Yair Rapid, the Zionist prime minister, said he would eventually support a two-state solution, but caretaker leaders are not expected to take steps towards a peace agreement prior to the November elections.

The World Bank said last year that the poverty rate in the Palestinian territory was 27%, and that the outlook for April is “still volatile and exposed to additional political and security risks.”

After visiting the west bank of the Jordan River, Byden will visit Saudi Arabia to meet with the Arab leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, to discuss volatile oil prices.

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