Biden officials “privately suspicious” Ukraine can regain lost territory: Report


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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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There has been a change in tone among Western leaders over the last few weeks regarding the Ukraine crisis, and the initial request for Ukraine to defeat Russia on the battlefield was a recommendation for Kiu to speak with Moscow and Russia and the West. Replaced by a more reconciling tenor, including the proposal. We must learn to “coexist” in spite of the crisis.

The White House says that Ukraine can “regain” all the territory it lost to Russia and its Donbus allies, even taking into account the sophisticated military equipment that the West still plans to send to the country. I am becoming more and more suspicious. CNN reported citing sources familiar with the discussion.

Doubts among Mr. Biden’s aides are whether and how President Zelensky will change his definition of “victory” to explain the territorial loss that “shrinks” the country. Accompanied by an internal debate about.

Officials have assured the news network that pessimism does not mean that Washington will put pressure on Kyiv to stop bloodshed, and Ukrainian troops have “territory” in a possible counterattack after this. He expressed his hope that he could regain control of the “significant mass of”. Year.

“Whether Ukraine can regain these territories is largely, if not perfect, a function of the amount of support we give them,” multiple launcher systems, with controversial knowledge. Parliamentary aides, etc. Said.. So far, the aide said that despite 48 requests from Ukraine, Kieu has only promised eight MLRS batteries.
Kyiv Show off I used M270MLRS made in the United States in early June.Shortly thereafter, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vasily Nevensia Informed The Security Council says Ukrainian troops are using these long-range systems to indiscriminately bombard civilians in the city of Donbus. Russian troops have made heavy weapons on the west a priority target for destruction by precision missiles and airstrikes.

Russia’s UN envoy says western long-range artillery and rocket systems will attack Citizens in Donbus

Sources familiar with Western intelligence said that the loss to Ukraine’s systematic Russian attack, which caused significant losses to personnel and equipment, gathered the power Kyiv needed to launch a new attack. He told CNN that it raised questions among some officials as to whether it could be done. As Zelensky publicly promised, “especially” anytime “this year”.

President Biden sought to turn his brave face to the crisis in Ukraine, and recently told other leaders of seven Western industrial and economic groups that the West needed to “stay together.”

“”[Vladimir] From the beginning, Putin expected NATO and the G7 to split, but we didn’t, and we don’t intend to, “guaranteeed the US President.

Josep Borrell, Head of Foreign Policy for the European Union, will address a video press conference at EU headquarters in Brussels. File photo. -Sputnik International, 1920, 13.06.2022

After promoting the military resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, EU Borel now wants a dialogue with Moscow

Russian and Donbas militia have liberated more than half of the Donetsk People’s Republic and involved Ukrainian troops in fierce battles in Lysychans’k, the last major city of the Lugansk People’s Republic under Ukrainian control. Russian troops also control a large area of ​​the Kherson region north of the Crimean Peninsula, Zaporizhia west of Donetsk, and the devastated city of Mariupol on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.

The Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s special military operations, which began in February 2022, are the culmination of an eight-year-old conflict caused by a US-backed coup in Kyiv in February 2014.

This April 2, 2009 file photo casts a shadow on a wall decorated with the NATO logo, showing the flags of NATO countries in Strasbourg, eastern France. -Sputnik International, 1920, 28.06.2022

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