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Biden praises America’s resilience in Christmas greetings

President Joe Biden yesterday praised the strength and resilience of Americans in the face of a coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and urged “hope and renewal” during the holiday season.
In his first Christmas speech as president, Biden praised “the great courage, character, resilience, and determination of all who heal, comfort, teach, protect, and serve in various ways, large and small.” ..
In a statement with Mrs. Jill Biden, “You show that we have a lot of time to share with each other and to have a lot of gratitude and gratitude for the gift of goodwill.” Said. “Over and over again, you show how valuable our differences are and how our similarities are endless.”
Biden, a Catholic, goes on to say, “I pray for the Bible’s promise to find light in the dark for the country. This is probably what most Americans do.”
Along with the deadly pandemics and financial hardships exacerbated by record high inflation, the president and his wife focus on the year-end tradition of allowing Thanksgiving turkeys and decorating the White House for Christmas. I guessed it and sent a message of hope and joy.
But as the country was shaken by deep political divisions, even Biden’s Christmas Eve greeting on Friday was launched when a man who wanted Merry Christmas during a video call from the White House insulted him. Popular among supporters of Donald Trump, Biden’s predecessor, who has become sour.
The vulgar anti-Biden slogan was created for a nasty moment during Biden’s phone call with children tracking Santa’s flight when his father said, “Let’s go to Brandon.” ..
Refrain, a sanitized version of “(Abusive) Joe Biden,” has been on the Internet since TV journalists told racing driver Brandon Brown that a crowd of vulgar NASCAR actually “go to Brandon.” Caused a sensation.
Biden and his wife Jill were calling Santa Tracks, North American Aerospace Defense Command, to follow the progress of Santa’s reindeer-guided sleigh for millions of children.
At the end of one phone call, the parent who named him Jared said, “Merry Christmas, and let’s go to Brandon.”
“Let’s go to Brandon, I agree,” relaxed Biden replied before asking Jared if he was in Oregon.
At that point, the call was disconnected.
When it came to exchanging Christmas Eve, it wasn’t immediately clear what the caller intended, why Biden repeated the slogan, or whether either knew the origin of the phrase.
The White House did not respond to requests for comment.
Jared’s name and contact information were not immediately available.
This slogan was popular among supporters of former President Trump, who caused a social media storm during a phone call with children on Christmas Eve 2018.
Trump asked South Carolina’s seven-year-old Colman Lloyd if he still believed in Santa.
Lloyd later told the media that she certainly believed in Santa and didn’t know what the limits meant.
Racing driver Brandon Brown himself complained that his name had been diverted to the anti-Biden slogan.
“I don’t want to be a substitute for blasphemous words,” he recently told the New York Times.

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