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Biden, Putin holds a call to ease the tense Ukrainian standoffs

The second 50-minute call a month between President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin is in the midst of heightened tensions between Russia and the West for fear of Moscow invading Ukraine.

The United States and its allies have refused to provide Russia with the kind of guarantee that Moscow wants for Ukraine. (Reuters)

President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin are in a simmering crisis that has recently become more complex as Kremlin strengthens security demands and test-launches hypersonic missiles to emphasize those demands. He spoke as he became more cautious about Russia’s military buildup in the suburbs.

President Putin requested a second call between leaders this month prior to a scheduled meeting between US and Russian officials scheduled for January 10 in Geneva.

The call began at 3:35 pm Eastern Standard Time and lasted 50 minutes, according to White House officials.

Russia has revealed that Ukraine is never allowed to join NATO and wants to make a written promise that the alliance’s military equipment will not be deployed in the former Soviet countries.

The White House is diplomatic, even if Biden moves Putin to Putin, Russians move an estimated 100,000 troops to Ukraine, and the Kremlin authorities increase the volume in response to new guarantee requests from the United States and NATO. He said he would tell him that the road would remain open. ..

These demands will be discussed at a meeting in Geneva, but it is unclear what Biden will offer Putin in return for alleviating the crisis.

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Security proposal content

A draft security document submitted by Moscow demanded that NATO refuse to join Ukraine and other former Soviet countries and roll back military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe.

The United States and its allies have refused to provide Russia with the guarantee Putin wants for Ukraine. It cites NATO’s principle that member states are open to all eligible countries. However, they agreed to meet with Russia to discuss their concerns.

The security proposal by Moscow raised the question of whether Putin made unrealistic demands in the hope of a Western refusal that would give an excuse for aggression.

Stephen Peifer, US Ambassador to Ukraine under the Clinton administration, said the Biden administration could work on some elements of Russia’s draft if Moscow took the negotiations seriously.

Major NATO members have revealed that they are not willing to expand their alliance in the near future. The United States and its allies may also accept the wording of Russia’s draft calling for the establishment of new consultation mechanisms such as the NATO-Russia Council and the hotline between NATO and Russia.

“The proposal for a draft treaty on NATO’s military activities in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, or Central Asia is overkill, but some measures may be possible to mutually limit military exercises and activities.” Current Piffer says. A senior researcher at the Brookings Institution wrote in an analysis of a think tank in Washington.

Biden tells Putin that in order for there to be “true progress” in the talks, it must be done in “the context of deescalation, not escalation,” according to a senior executive briefing to reporters prior to the talks. I planned that. Officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

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Fear of Ukrainian invasion

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the call was made Thursday under Putin’s initiative.

“The purpose of the conversation is clear,” Peskov told reporters, “to continue talking in a video conference about the issues that were on the agenda in recent conversations.”

The December 7 call focused on Russian military movements that destabilized Ukraine and other European allies, as well as Moscow’s security demands.

Since Peskov’s call, Moscow has submitted its security proposals to U.S. and European officials, now “from our point of view, from Putin’s point of view, before the next meeting, on another phone call. There is a need for conversation. ” “

Biden and Putin, who met in Geneva in June to discuss tensions between the US and Russia, have no plans to attend the January meeting.

The White House said in a video call on December 7 that Biden had informed Moscow that the Ukrainian invasion would cause sanctions and serious damage to the Russian economy. Russian authorities have dismissed the threat of sanctions.

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Source: AP

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