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Biden raises mileage standards for cars and trucks to combat climate change

Los Angeles, USA: Vehicles drive on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles, California. The United States has announced that it will raise emission standards for cars and trucks and implement new regulations in the three years from 2023. —AFP

Washington: President Joe Biden said with cars sold in the United States to limit emissions as the spending bill he relied on to fund the fight against climate change appears to be life-sustaining. We are raising the mileage standard for trucks.

A new regulation released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday overturns a looser standard passed under former President Donald Trump that regulates the distance a car can travel on a gallon of gasoline, and Biden. Shows how the White House uses regulations. Emission control power.

The announcement was made because the president’s social spending plan could have been fatally hit after a Democratic senator said he didn’t support the $ 1.75 trillion proposal. “We follow science, listen to our stakeholders, actively reduce pollution that is harmful to people and the planet, and at the same time set robust and rigorous standards that save family money. “EPA administrator Michael Regan said at the time of the announcement. standard.

Under the new EPA regulations, the average fuel consumption standard for the entire fleet will be phased in from 2023 to three years, rising to 55 miles per gallon by 2026. The new standard estimates that by 2050, Americans will save $ 210 billion to $ 420 billion in fuel costs.

U.S. automakers have already announced large investments in electric and more fuel-efficient vehicles, but the Autonomy Alliance, an industry group, said it would be difficult to meet new standards without government support. I warned you. “The EPA’s final rules on greenhouse gas emissions are even more aggressive than originally proposed and need to significantly increase sales of electric vehicles, which accounts for 4% of all light truck sales today. It’s much better, “said President John Bozera.

“To reach the goals of this final rule, we definitely need to develop government support policies such as consumer incentives, significant infrastructure growth, fleet requirements, and support for US manufacturing and supply chain development. there is.”

Change of standard

In contrast to Trump, Biden made the fight against climate change a priority for his administration and expected the BBB to pass to pay for a wide range of programs aimed at doing so. But Democratic senator Joe Manchin announced on Sunday that he wouldn’t vote on the bill, jeopardizing Biden’s passage in the Senate, which requires all Democrats to vote in order to get a bill that goes through Republican opposition. did. Emission standards are one of Washington’s most direct ways to act against pollution.

The transportation sector is the country’s largest source of carbon emissions, and the EPA said new regulations would eliminate more than 3 billion tons of greenhouse gases by 2050. The EPA can also save about $ 1,000 by lowering fuel prices over the average 2026 vehicle life, compared to increased costs to meet standards. Detroit automakers have stepped up their electric vehicle production plans in recent months, with Ford investing billions of dollars to lead the transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles in a statement. Welcomed the White House move.

“We commend EPA’s efforts to develop a consistent national plan to strengthen greenhouse gas emission standards and set the United States on the path to the future of zero-emission transportation in line with the Paris Agreement,” the company said in a statement. Stated. However, the Union of Concerned Scientists urged harsher action, with its president Johanna Chao Cryrick saying: more. “

The new rules set similar goals to the rules promulgated under former President Barack Obama, but the Trump administration has reversed them, raising car prices and allowing people to drive older cars longer. Insisted on encouraging.

It caused a battle with the most populous state of the United States, California. There, democratic leaders sought to implement their own stricter standards for car emissions. -AFP

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/biden-raises-mileage-standards-for-cars-trucks-to-fight-climate-change/ Biden raises mileage standards for cars and trucks to combat climate change

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