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Biden: Superhero, Lamb Duck, or Both?

Washington: So what do Americans see in Joe Biden? After an extraordinary week in Washington politics, the answer is one or the other. The 79-year-old’s political obituaries have been published countless times since he took office in 2021, amid fears of Donald Trump’s Trump presidency’s political wreckage, pandemics, and economic disasters. I was. Now he’s fighting back. Or at least his alter ego, a comically sinister cartoon character called “Dark Brandon”.

In political geek circles, the meme has been making the rounds – and this week it started going viral on Twitter as Biden defied the odds and emerged victorious. It was first conceived on Twitter by a demoralized left who was upset that the president of the United States didn’t get things done. They called him Brandon, a nod to another vulgar Republican meme that used the same name, and added death ray eyes.

But suddenly, mainstream Democrats have embraced “Dark Brandon” as their own, renaming him from an impotent grandfather figure to a sort of political terminator. “You can’t stop Dark Brandon,” is the caption for a portrait of Biden with deeply tanned skin and flaming yellow eyes. It is drawn that white light is emitted from.

Why are you dizzy?

Check the headlines: – On Friday, Biden will receive a blockbuster jobs report that shows the US unemployment rate has returned to half-century lows. – Late Thursday, Democratic Senator Kirsten Cinema, the last to endorse, celebrated a historic investment in the fight against climate change and a massive spending package to reduce the cost of a disastrous health care system. To do.

– On Monday, Biden announced that the United States had killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the last major 9/11-era al-Qaeda leader. – Days earlier, Congress passed his $52 billion investment package to boost semiconductor manufacturing. Oh, and a bill was also passed this week to compensate veterans exposed to poisons.

Moreover, Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives and only gained one vote in the Senate. Biden is not the reincarnation of Franklin D. Roosevelt, his hero who rebuilt America in the Great Depression. , and the majority appears to be much smaller.”

Or lame duck?

Some Republicans literally portray Mr. Biden as a mentally incompetent puppet for far-left handlers. Former White House doctor Ronnie Jackson, famous for praising Trump’s “good genes” and suggesting that obese Republicans have the ability to live to 200, has been quoted by Fox News and other right-wing Biden was diagnosed with “dementia” in the media, causing controversy. Failure. ”

But slander about Biden’s health aside, there’s no denying that the majority of Americans, right and left alike, don’t think Biden is on the right track. They blame him for Democratic infighting in Congress, prematurely declaring victory over COVID last year, an ugly withdrawal from Afghanistan, and four decades of high inflation. And they don’t want him to stick around. According to a recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll, only 18% of voters want Mr. Biden to run for his second term in 2024.

Polls show Biden’s overall approval rating is 35%, only 30% on the economy, and only 26% believe Biden is “addressing the challenges facing America” is. What is most surprising, or worrying if you are Biden, is the growing number of Democrats among the dissenters. Party support for an incumbent president to seek his second term is usually automatic. The challenge is almost unthinkable.

But even the top allies are sober when it comes to Biden, who will turn a record 86 by the end of his second term. Axios counts her nearly 20 elected Democrats who recently refused to endorse a second term. One member of Congress, Carolyn Maloney, timidly responded, “I don’t think[Biden]will run.” She says the White House is nonsense. “The president intends to run in 2024,” spokeswoman Carine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly declared. The “Dark Brandon” vs. Lame Duck debate continues. – AFP

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