Biden tells the United States to send Ukraine’s “advanced rocket system” to achieve its “major goal”

President Joe Biden confirmed on Tuesday that he would send a more sophisticated rocket system to Ukraine, capable of attacking what the United States called the “major target” of Russian invaders.

“We provide Ukrainians with more sophisticated rocket systems and ammunition that enable them to more accurately attack key targets on the Ukrainian battlefield,” Biden wrote in The New York Times.

US officials told reporters that the weapons sent were Himars, or the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System.

Precision guided ammunition and multi-armed rocket cannons, which have a longer range than the weapons currently deployed by Ukraine, represent an important upgrade when Ukrainians are fighting Russian cannons in eastern Ukraine.

On condition of anonymity, the Himmers rocket said, “It will allow Ukrainians to more accurately attack targets on the battlefield from farther distances within Ukraine and help them repel Russia.” ..

“These systems are used by Ukrainians to repel Russian progress in Ukrainian territory, but not against Russia.”

According to officials, the Himmers are the highlight of the $ 700 million package announced Wednesday, including aeronautical surveillance radar, more Javelin short-range anti-tank rockets, more shells, helicopters, vehicles and spare parts. I am.

There were days of speculation that Himal had made, following repeated plea from the Ukrainian army, but the announcement was also not considered a direct warrior, and the United States supported Kyiv’s war effort. I made it clear that I was trying.

As such, Himal ammunition does not include a version that can reach approximately 186 miles (300 km) for fear of being used by Ukrainians to attack deep into Russia.

Instead, they get a version that extends about 50 miles (80 km). This is far more than the Ukrainians’ current abilities. This means that Ukrainian troops can attack Russian positions with relatively safe rockets.

“Ukrainians have given Russian territory a guarantee that they will not use these systems,” officials emphasized.

The new weapon will come from the recently approved $ 40 billion in funding. Since the war began with Russia’s February invasion, the Biden administration has already sent $ 4.5 billion to Ukraine, primarily in military aid.

When asked what the United States thinks of the purpose of the Ukrainian war, officials said it was to “put Kiu in the strongest position possible in the negotiating table.”

The United States does not want to “prolong the war,” but Russia “pays a lot of money for its actions” or “forces the territory of potential other invaders.” I think it is important to send a message that you can do it. “.

“We do not pressure the Ukrainian government to make private or public concessions to the territory,” officials said. Biden tells the United States to send Ukraine’s “advanced rocket system” to achieve its “major goal”

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