Biden thanks Erdogan and says he will solve the F-16 problem

The Byden administration supported the possibility of selling F-16 fighters to Turkey the day after Ankara lifted its denial of NATO membership in Finland and Sweden. I had a meeting with Erdogan. ..

Celeste Warlander, Assistant Secretary of International Security for the Pentagon, told reporters at a briefing call Wednesday that Turkey’s strong defense capabilities would strengthen NATO’s defenses.

“The United States supports the modernization of Turkey’s battle fleet because it contributes to NATO’s security and thus to the United States’ security,” Reuters said.

“These plans are currently underway, and they need to be addressed through our contracting process,” she added.

Turkey requested the United States to purchase in October. 40 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters And almost 80 modernization kits for existing fighters.

Washington has not publicly expressed its opinion on the sale of all weapons, except that it must go through the necessary legal proceedings.

In March, the State Department wrote to some members of the US Congress who opposed the sale, stating that a “proper” US defense and trade relationship with Turkey would benefit the US.

At a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan later Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden reportedly thanked Erdogan for helping Sweden and Finland join NATO by extracting millions of tons of grain from Ukraine. ..

The meeting lasted for nearly an hour. Biden thanks Erdogan and says he will solve the F-16 problem

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