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Biden warns Kiev about the “clear possibility” of Russia’s aggression next month

Russia may be waiting for the ground to freeze to move heavy equipment to Ukraine, US President Biden told Ukraine’s counterpart Zelensky.

With the US-Western alliance refusing to make concessions to Russia’s main demands, all eyes are now paying attention to Russia’s next move. (AP)

US President Joe Biden warned Ukraine that there is a “clear possibility” that Russia could take military action against Ukraine in February.

The White House said Thursday that Biden’s comments on the phone to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky amplified concerns that executives had been raising for some time.

Biden talked to his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky and recently delivery Of US military aid.

“We are also looking for additional macroeconomic support to support the Ukrainian economy,” he told Zelensky, as he was under pressure to build Russia’s military power, according to the White House.

Biden warned Zelensky that the United States believes Russia is likely to invade if the ground freezes and Russian troops could attack Ukraine’s territory from north of Kiev.

Military experts said Russia may be waiting for optimal ground conditions to move heavy equipment to Kiev as part of its invasion. Eight years ago, Russia invaded Crimea in late February.

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“There is little basis for optimism.”

The Kremlin also issued a harsh note, saying “there is little optimism” in resolving the crisis after the United States again rejected Russia’s major demands this week.

Russian authorities Said Dialogue to end the crisis was still possible, but Biden once again warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin would take the initiative in further invasion of Ukrainian territory in the not too distant future.

Currently, all eyes are paying attention to Putin. Putin will decide how Russia will respond in the fear that Europe may re-enter the war.

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Diplomatic spatter

Tensions have been raised here as the United States and its NATO allies have expressed concern that the buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine suggests that Moscow is planning an invasion of its former Soviet neighbors. Soared in a week.

Russia denied having such a design and offered a series of demands to improve Europe’s security.But the US-Western alliance was denied A concession on the main points of Moscow.

The United States and its allies refused to permanently ban Ukraine from joining NATO, arguing that the deployment of troops and military equipment in Eastern Europe was indisputable.

So is the strategy of increased tension while diplomacy bursts. Russia has launched a series of military exercises in its territory and Belarus, including motorized infantry and artillery units.

Beyond concerns about the possibility of a Russian attack in Ukraine, Moscow’s response is Western hemisphere..

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