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(ANSA)-May 10, Rome-On Tuesday police carry out large-scale operations related to the investigation of criminal activity by the National Anti-Mafia Research Agency (DIA) in Rome, other parts of Lazio, and southern Calabria. Did. ‘Ndrangheta.

Police have enforced 43 freedom-restricting warrants, some of whom have been accused of belonging to the Calabrian-based Roman branch of Ndrangheta, which is embedded in the capital.

This section of criminal syndication is alleged to seek control of legitimate businesses in areas ranging from fish, bakeries, pastry retailers, and the recycling of used leather and cooking oil.

In a Calabrian operation related to the investigation, 29 people were put in jail and 5 were under house arrest.

These included Antoninojofe, the mayor of the town of Cosoleto in the province of Reggio Carabria.

Cordilletti Farm Group said criminal activity in the food sector, from pastry shops to fish stores, has risen to € 24.5 billion annually.

In the Roman part of the operation, police operated by’ndrina (the 9th chapter involved is two bosses, Antonio Carzo and Vincenzo Alvaro, who got a go-ahead from the Calabrian mother’s clan, both members of the historic’Ndrangheta family of Casorate. It was in Sinopoli, Calabria.

Police captured Alvaro, saying, “We are a caravan in war.”

In Calabria, the top members of Sinopoli’s Alvaro “Cosca” were arrested. This includes Carmelo Alvarao (also known as “Bin Laden”), Carmine Alvaro (also known as “Ukwertuni”), who is believed to be the chief of Sinopoli, and Francesco Alvaro (also known as), the local chief of Cosoleto. “Ciccio testazza”, Antonio Alvaro, also known as “u massaru”, Nicola Alvaro, also known as “u beccausu”, Domenico Carzo, also known as “scarpacotta”.

“We are in Rome (in Calabria) there,” police eavesdropping recorded an individual arrested and investigated.

Police said about 24 businesses, restaurants, bars and fish stores in northern Rome, especially in the Primavalle district, were confiscated.

Ndrangheta is considered Italy’s richest and most powerful mafia because it extends from the center of Calabria to other parts of Italy, Europe and around the world and controls European cocaine trade from South America. ..

“Ndrangheta” (Greek for “heroism” or “virtue”) once lived in the shadow of the twins of Sicilian Mafia and Camorra in Naples.

While these two syndicates, especially the Sicilians, traded transatlantic heroin through operations such as the infamous “French Connection,” Ndrangheta was just born out of a traditional kidnapping inventory in the Calabrian Highlands. bottom.

Since then, according to Italian officials, it has become a highly sophisticated global network that strangles European cocaine trade and manages the strips of home that police can trample on.

Not only is Ndrangheta the wealthiest, but it is also considered the most intrusive of the Italian mafia, and its close family-based organization defeats police efforts to turn members into national witnesses. It outperforms the Sicilian Mafia in its abilities.

Europol, a European law enforcement agency, identifies the “Ndrangeta Mafia” as one of the “most threatening” organized crime groups at the world level due to its “huge financial power” and “huge corruption”. Did. In the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Colombia and Australia, the Ndrangheta turf war is a hot topic.

In Europe,’Ndrangheta actually got public attention in 2007, during a midsummer Ferragosto vacation in the German city of Duisburg, a feud that began as wedding spats in the small coastal town of San, Calabria. Six clan members were shot in. Luke, 1991.

Over the past few years, a series of Ndrangheta-related companies have been confiscated throughout northern Italy, especially in the wealthy Lombardy belts around Milan, and Lombardy local councilors have been investigated to purchase votes from the transplanted clans.

In the Italian Riviera, the town councils of Bordighera and Ventimiglia were dissolved in 2011 and 2012 due to the invasion of’Ndrangheta.

In Rome, Calabrian mobs are money laundering with a series of plum fortunes. Police say it’s just the tip of the iceberg, as evidenced by recent seizures.

In January 2021, the largest ever Ndrangheta trial began in Lamezia Terme.

The trial delves into the connection between the activities of the Vibo Valentia’s Ndrangheta clan and the political, institutional, economic and fraudulent Masonic world that governs all aspects of Calabria’s community life.

This is Italy’s largest mafia trial since Cosa Nostra’s so-called “Mafia Trial” in Sicily between 1986 and 1992.

The trial, which is expected to last about three years, has more than 300 defendants facing more than 400 accusations.

Defendants include local politicians, businessmen, police, and persons from other agencies accused of helping Ndrangheta dominate Calabria’s life.

The trial handed down the first ruling on a Calabrian gang and its clients in November.

In January 2015, police arrested more than 160 people in the largest-ever operation against the business sector in the north of’Ndrangheta.

The operation showed how the former southern kidnapping gangs permeated the economies of Italy’s wealthiest regions, including the thriving economy of Reggio Emilia around Bologna.

Other studies have shown increased infiltration of’Ndrangheta in areas around Milan, Lombardy, Genoa, Liguria, and Turin, Piedmont.

In February 2014, major busts in Italy and the FBI showed that Ndrangheta was invading the drug operation of Gambinos, one of the five historic families of Kosanostra in New York.

Prior to that, in July 2010, a large police operation arrested the chief of Ndrangheta and 300 others.

Domenico Opedisano, 80, anointed the equivalent of Sicilian Mafia’s “Boss Boss” at the Calabrian Shrine in Madonna a year ago and was captured with the reputed head of Lombardy’s Pinonelli. ..

“Ndrangheta is so secretive that no alternative to Oppedisano is yet known. (ANSA).

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