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(ANSA)-May 10, Rome-On Tuesday police carry out large-scale operations related to the investigation of criminal activity by the National Anti-Mafia Research Agency (DIA) in Rome, other parts of Lazio, and southern Calabria. Did. ‘Ndrangheta.

Police have enforced 43 freedom-restricting warrants, some of whom have been accused of belonging to the Calabrian-based Roman branch of Ndrangheta, which is embedded in the capital.

This section of criminal syndication is alleged to seek control of legitimate businesses in areas ranging from fish, bakeries, pastry retailers, and the recycling of used leather and cooking oil.

In a Calabrian operation related to the investigation, 29 people were put in jail and 5 were under house arrest.

These included Antoninojofe, the mayor of the town of Cosoleto in the province of Reggio Carabria.

Cordilletti Farm Group said criminal activity in the food sector, from pastry shops to fish stores, has risen to € 24.5 billion annually.

In the Roman part of the operation, police operated by’ndrina (the 9th chapter involved is two bosses, Antonio Carzo and Vincenzo Alvaro, who got a go-ahead from the Calabrian mother’s clan, both members of the historic’Ndrangheta family of Casorate. It was in Sinopoli, Calabria.

Police captured Alvaro, saying, “We are a caravan in war.”

In Calabria, the top members of Sinopoli’s Alvaro “Cosca” were arrested. This includes Carmelo Alvarao (also known as “Bin Laden”), Carmine Alvaro (also known as “Ukwertuni”), who is believed to be the chief of Sinopoli, and Francesco Alvaro (also known as), the local chief of Cosoleto. “Ciccio testazza”, Antonio Alvaro, also known as “u massaru”, Nicola Alvaro, also known as “u beccausu”, Domenico Carzo, also known as “scarpacotta”.

“We are in Rome (in Calabria) there,” police eavesdropping recorded an individual arrested and investigated.

Police said about 24 businesses, restaurants, bars and fish stores in northern Rome, especially in the Primavalle district, were confiscated. (ANSA).

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