Bill for double payments for authoritarian victims clears parliament

Taipei, May 17 (CNA) Taiwan Parliament on Tuesday, 12 million NT dollars as compensation to relatives of political opponents killed by authorities during the authoritarian era, twice the amount previously allowed to claim Approved a bill giving dollars (US $ 405,227).

According to the bill passed by the legislature, relatives of political opponents who were killed or missing during the period of authoritarian rule from 1945 to 1992 are entitled to claim compensation of NT $ 12 million. ..

Previously, the relatives of political dissidents killed by the government during the February 28, 1947 incident or the decree of 1949-1987 were in the 1990s.

In addition, the bill states that political opponents detained, imprisoned, or deprived of personal liberty by authoritarian governments or relatives of such people are entitled to claim compensation of up to NT $ 11.39 million. increase.

According to the bill, if you have already claimed compensation in accordance with existing law and have more qualifications, you can apply to a government-designated foundation and receive the difference.

The bill also provides for the return of private property previously confiscated by the government, or compensation for those whose property has been confiscated by authorities during authoritarian periods.

According to the bill, a foundation to handle relevant matters should be set up under the Executive Yuan to withdraw funds for compensation from the government budget.

Meanwhile, Congress on Tuesday also revised a bill to establish a “Transitional Justice Committee” under the Cabinet to handle related work after the dissolution of the Transitional Justice Committee (TJC) on May 30. Was passed.

According to the amendment, the Board of Directors, led by the Prime Minister, will be convened on a regular basis to review and coordinate the tasks performed by various government agencies.

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for correcting judicial and administrative misconduct during the authoritarian era, and the Ministry of Interior handles tasks including the removal of the authoritarian symbol and the immunity of victims of political persecution. Said.

According to the amendment, the Ministry of Culture is responsible for protecting historical sites of injustice, and the Ministry of Education is responsible for promoting transitional justice and human rights education. Bill for double payments for authoritarian victims clears parliament

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