Bill Gates warns in fear of the fourth wave

billionaire Bill Gates Covid’s pandemic isn’t over yet, warning that the worst isn’t going on yet.

Microsoft’s founder and philanthropist emphasized the need for increased global oversight and warned of possible more deadly and transparent variants of Covid, the Financial Times reported.

Gates said the risk of more toxic mutants is more than 5 percent, even if you don’t want to sound depressed.

“We are still at risk for this pandemic to be more contagious and produce even more deadly mutations,” he said.

“It’s unlikely, but I don’t want to be the voice of fate and darkness, but the risk of this pandemic was well above 5% and the worst wasn’t seen,” he added. rice field.

This is not the first time Gates has warned of a potential global threat posed by a virus.

In 2015, he first publicly warned that “the world was not ready for the inevitable next pandemic,” and that viruses, not war, pose the greatest risk of “earth destruction.”

Gates also called for new efforts by increasing investment in global surveillance of the virus, but was suspended in many countries due to the decline in Covid cases. Gates also wrote a book on how to prevent the next pandemic.

He calls for a team of international experts, from epidemiologists to computer modelers, to quickly discover global health threats and improve coordination between countries. According to him, this will cost about $ 1 billion and will be managed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the report said.

During the war between Russia and Ukraine, Gates urged world leaders not to lose sight of the health crisis. He called for more investment to prevent future pandemics. He also argued for the urgent need for a longer-lasting vaccine to stop the infection, stressing that the current pandemic still poses a threat.

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