Bioethics Committee Supports Euthanasia

The Cyprus National Bioethics Board believes that euthanasia can be introduced under harsh conditions, but public opinion supports having legal options.

Following a recent parliamentary debate on the right to euthanasia and the necessary laws, Dr. Constantinos Ferras, boss of the National Bioethics Commission, said that society is in this ultimate medicine, as long as strict conditions apply. He said he should be ready for his choice.

The Commission strongly believes that standards and conditions should be set and all limits and pharmaceutical techniques should be exhausted to provide effective sedation and hospice care for patients experiencing intolerable pain and misery.

“In such extreme and very rare cases, in the absence of treatment, the patient chooses, Fully consciousTo end their lives, human compassion must be ready to offer this last medical option under harsh conditions. “

Dr. Fellas says it is not possible to cover each case with general rules, so specialists such as doctors, psychologists, social workers and other professionals will need to be present to make the right decisions. I emphasized.

He understands that all legal action must be taken between ratification and implementation of euthanasia, and appropriate legal documents are in place to protect the physicians and other medical professionals involved. He said he was prepared.

He agreed that it would be very difficult to pass such a law, even if society generally accepts euthanasia. Precautionary measures need to ensure that the four basic principles of bioethics are respected.

Dr. Ferras told the Cyprus News Agency that the Commission fully respects the Church’s opposition to euthanasia, but it disagrees with the application of involuntary euthanasia.

The Cyprus Bioethics Board conducted a euthanasia survey of 750 people between December 2021 and March 2022.

About 61% agree, or rather agree, that people have the right to choose to die from euthanasia, and 79% say that this right is for incurable chronic illness, or for all boundaries and pain. He claimed that the mitigation option could be used when it was exhausted.

The majority, 40% Deprived of euthanasia Due to spiritual and / or religious beliefs, 31% said there was a legal gap.

If the legal framework legalized euthanasia with the explicit consent of the individual, the majority of participants (63%) agreed to accept it.

If euthanasia is socially and medically and legally permissible in Cyprus, most participants (48%) agree or agree if their relatives choose to end their lives with this procedure. Rather, he said he would like to agree.

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British pensioner David Hunter has been tried for planned murder after the prosecution rejected the defense lawyer’s request to reduce allegations of aiding suicide.


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